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Would D2 be enjoyable (never played) after playing D3?

I laugh at anyone who suggests that D2 is remotely close to an RPG. PLEEEEAAAAASE, play an actual RPG and see how far off you are. No... putting points into stats and skills doesn't make it anymore of an RPG.

D1 is a Rogue-like but, ultimately, all Diablo games are Hack-n-Slash Dungeon Crawlers. If you like one, chances are you'll enjoy the other. Just because they're in the same genre, doesn't mean they'll be the same or that you have to love/hate both.

Dungeon Siege is a Diablo clone but it has far more character development than any Diablo game... I'm sure as not going to call it an RPG.

^ has never played D&D before...
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Obviously LOTS of discussion about the merits of D3 vs D2 and the general consensus seems to be that D3 doesn't compare to it's predecessor...

So, as a person like myself who is new to the Diablo franchise and has ONLY played Diablo 3, would I enjoy the graphics, gameplay, etc, in D2?

It's only $10 so not exactly a big gamble. I'm just not sure I want to end my apparent blissful ignorance. :)

tough call tbh. the last thing most D2 fans would want is to send u after that and have u come back here saying "D2 sux" cuz it doesn't.

graphics? hey man if u can deal w/ old school raster/2d graphics, then sure. think starcraft.

gameplay? how could u not like it? I'll tell u . . . if u are corrupted by D3's evil. :(

You could look at it a couple ways. . .

#1 u have a quick run thru just to catch up on the story. As others have said, probably worth $10.

#2 u study known builds out there and build a powerful character just to know what true power is

in any case, for someone just jumping into it right now for the first time, it's not going to be a hand-holdey paradise. to get some trading going, etc., -- to get any kind of EXCELLENCE going -- you are going to have to put some effort in -- reading websites, meeting ppl on bnet, etc.

GL tho. It's gg.

and BTW we're talking LoD of course, right?
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If you get the expansion and a group of friends to play with you, it may.
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01/30/2013 09:27 AMPosted by Bullfrog
So, as a person like myself who is new to the Diablo franchise and has ONLY played Diablo 3, would I enjoy the graphics, gameplay, etc, in D2?

If you can't handle dated graphics, limited inventory space, kind of old keybinding mechanics, etc. then no. You "should" be able to look past these things however and see games for their merits, else you're missing out on a lot of history.

Like another poster said, the music from D2 was AMAZING, just go youtube it, you'll see.
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So what's the back-story of your character? What makes your Demon Hunter or Necromancer different from mine?

Give me a week and I'll tell you. That's how we do it in table tops whippersnapper! I don't need a game to write me a backstory, ask me and I'll tell you.

Oh wait, so is MY character. Why? Because you're doing as much role-play as an actor in the theater: following a script.

Um... that's D3. D1 and D2 the characters didn't say much of anything except to comment on their surroundings in different dungeons. The role playing was left wide open to the player. Hell, Elder Scrolls doesn't even have "backstory" for your characters really unless you feed it to the game through dialogue choices.

01/30/2013 02:06 PMPosted by Gix
How did your Necromancer feel when he defeated Mephisto?

I rolled a D20, ended up with a 7. My character ripped off his clothes and ran around the room yelling, "SAY YOU'RE TOO LATE ONE MORE TIME!" then it went to town and got hammered. I however didn't roll a 10, so I didn't get to hook up with that lovely tavern wench. Sad days indeed.

01/30/2013 02:06 PMPosted by Gix
Following that stupid checklist of yours, it means that Tomb Raider is also an RPG.

No structured decision making, and no system determining whether actions succeed or fail. You don't determine if you can jump over a pit based on a dice roll and a dex modifier. You run and attempt to jump over the hole!

That's like saying The Elder Scrolls is a First Person Shooter because you're in first person and you can shoot things. That's not how it works.

Technically Elder Scrolls Skyrim can be an FPS if you play it like one. Resident Evil 4 was also a hack n slash brawler, because I beat that game on pro mode with a knife and a stock pile of grenades for boss fights. Ugh the chainsaw guys took sooooooo long to kill though. -_-
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you need at least 2-3 hours to get used to the 800x600 graphics or play on some 17" monitor.
also there is lots of bots and spam online.
but the game is obviously way better overall.
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It depends. If you really like D3 then there is a chance that you won't like D2. The two games are from entirely different genres really. D2 has a much heavier emphasis on the RPG elements. It takes a bit more investment to really appreciate everything D2 has to offer and without that time much of its beauty won't shine through. The item system for example may come across as fairly complicated for a newer player although it is fantastically done.

If you just do one playthrough on normal you'll still get to experience the incredible storytelling and atmosphere(both far better than D3) and there is a ton of lore that might help the D3 story make more sense. Be sure to talk to everyone at each chance you get because there are a lot of details hidden in their auxiliary conversations. I still find the voice acting to be impressive considering the game's age.

For what it costs it is a game worth owning. For someone who hasn't played yet you have potentially thousands of hours of entertainment if you can find a few friends involved who haven't played it either. The multiplayer is really what makes the game. The singleplayer game is lauded by many though so it would still give a great deal of entertainment. The difficulty scaling of NM and Hell is much better than D3 and item distribution and progression is far better which makes it more fun too.
In short, I'd say you'd just have to play it and see but I'd give my recommendation to anyone who is a fan of the ARPG genre that this is a must play.
. The only actual role-playing in d2 is playing the role of a guy picking up stacks of item after bosses pinyata loot everywhere. The stat building is a joke. Google your build and items or you'll need to start at level one and do it all over. Only put as much str and dex in as you need to wear bis items. The rest HAS to be in vit or you hit a point in hell difficulty where you can't reasonably progress. The story is ok, but honestly considerably lighter compared to d1 than d3 compared to d2. Basically for series continuity, and understanding gaming history d1 and d2 are valuable. From a gameplay perspective torchlight2 and d3 blow it away even with their flaws.

Edit DO NOT PUT POINTS IN ENERGY. EVER. You will need to relevel, as base mana increases are more than enough and you will need the hp. pool increses
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Diablo 2 is a classic. You should play it - it also still has the battle.net features working, so you can also play with your friends. The game is more complex than Diablo 3.

Diablo 2 has inspired and keeps inspiring new Action-RPG games.
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No. Diablo 2 was fun at its prime. The only people playing now are those that still have nostalgia for the finer days of Blizzard and botters. I'd suggest looking at other ARPG's if you're interested in trying something new. Diablo 2 is a great game, don't get me wrong, but you will probably get bored of it quickly if you've never played it while the community is as small as it is. People say it still has a large community, but I'd be willing to bet the majority of those players are botters.
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On a side note a roll of 10 getting you laid with a tavern wench means you have an awfully high charisma for a necromancer. Cleric based not int based for the control checks I suspect.
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As a mechanical engineer working in Australia i use to play D2 when i am on site (in the desert) to pass the evenings. After D3 was released i found D2 to be completely unplayable. D2 is so boring that i would rather do nothing or browse stuff online than play it (internet in the desert is not good enough to play D3...stupid DRM).

D3 has its issues (mainly story and items) but the amaizing gameplay and great build diversity (im talking about viable builds that arise when people put some thought in to them and dont mindlessly follow imbecils online who claim that D3 has no build diversity and how every build less efficent than WW barb is not VIABLE) just make D2 unplayable for me.

However, i am the kind of guy who played D2 for years so i might be a bit spent and you might find it more enjoyable!
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Yes, OP. D2 gameplay trounces the D3 gameplay. D2 is the king of arpg, while D3 is more of an adventure game instead of an action role playing game.
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01/30/2013 09:38 AMPosted by ChangWu

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What people don't say is that if it was still that amazing it wouldn't be abandoned to the bots and dupers. Seriously the odds of interacting with real people online is extremely low and all the issues you get with d3 loot are in d2 singleplayer 10,000 times magnified. It was amazing in its day, but today its subpar, punishing to learn, and honestly boring.
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I didn't enjoy D2 myself, but obviously thousands did, so the best thing would be to try it out yourself.

Be aware, though, that it's a 12 year old game with all that that entails. Depending on your OS, you might even have a hard time getting it to run.
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To me D2 gave its best in online mode (battle.net 1.0 included), now you can play it, but you have missed the long wave that lasted for years. There are not many online players as some years ago now day, the game look abandoned, and the engine is outdated. Anyway, to me, still the best online rpg of all the time. The engine and the graphic just needed to be revamped.
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D2 kinda sucks. You do repeat runs of certain areas until you get your level high enough for the next difficulty. It's a never ending grind, and there's no auction house. Snobs use runes (which add stats similar to gems in D3, but combined could make really good items) as currency and they want high runes for junk. It's also a never ending grind trying to find high runes, or low ones to transmute in the cube. The ladder was a stupid idea as well, because when it reset overnight, most normal people would go to sleep, wake up the next morning to make a new character, and see some people already level 80. I remember thinking Diablo was great, then my bro gave it to his friend. I played it years later with the D2 battlechest. Diablo had no map outside of the town and when you quit and log back in, you started in the exact spot you were when you quit. Diablo lacks in characters and features compared to D2.
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