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Would D2 be enjoyable (never played) after playing D3?

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Obviously LOTS of discussion about the merits of D3 vs D2 and the general consensus seems to be that D3 doesn't compare to it's predecessor...

So, as a person like myself who is new to the Diablo franchise and has ONLY played Diablo 3, would I enjoy the graphics, gameplay, etc, in D2?

It's only $10 so not exactly a big gamble. I'm just not sure I want to end my apparent blissful ignorance. :)

Absolutely enjoyable indeed.

My friend and I played it through normal, and got distracted by life so we quite before getting anywhere in nightmare really, but Im thinking about going back and trying it.

Don't judge D3, as D2 is because they are different games in various ways,although they share a common theme of ARPG.

The art style is very different obviously and you will prob. enjoy that a lot. Some gamers here are slightly miffed that D3 isn't darker, grittier because D2 had light radius and torches so you did have that feeling of danger ahead. I very much get that and it prob. would have been wize of Blizz. to have offered a tickbox for those who like that environment ( No idea what level dev. needed to achieve it).

So off you go and enjoy,and yes for $10 imho,its a steal.
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Dont think you will enjoy it, the new age D3 players wont be able to get pass the out dated graphics to enjoy the gameplay.
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The doing runs over and over again got boring fast in D2. Also with the difficulty immunities, it made the game much less enjoyable. I in no way expected it to be easy god mode, but to go one spec and then find nothing but that specific immunity, whether it was physical, poison, ice, or whatever. At least with D3, the grind didn't start til 60 and I was able to play straight through to inferno without ever having to repeat anything unless I joined a public game at a different checkpoint. Also, the monster buffs are manageable. I'm really glad they got rid of that stupid rune trading. I got tired of snobs wanting hrs for literal junk. I didn't even want to trade most of the time because idiots wanted 3 hrs or something similar for a crap rare or leg.
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If you really wanted to get the most out of it, I'd play diablo 1 first, then diablo 2 LoD with patch 1.09. After that then play with the most recent patch.

1.09 and 1.10+ are pretty much completely different games character wise. Prior to 1.10 characters didn't have skill synergies. Synergies are when you put 1 point into one skill and it benefits another. Synergies pretty much killed the game for melee classes. Basically it made spell casters king. Spells that did 600-1000 damage in 1.09 started doing thousands and thousands of damage in 1.10 (talking like 10k+ for certain spells). Melee classes tended to do 1500-2000 ish damage and still do about the same amount. The issue really lays in the fact that they buffed enemies throughout the game with patch 1.10 (adding immunities to fire, ice, lightning etc). Prior to this I wouldn't say the game was a joke, but it was pretty easy as long as you had some decent gear, you could also level up from level 1 to 75+ from hellcows quickly. They had yet to implement level restrictions and minor annoyances to the leveling process for players. Continuing on: Melee classes like barbarians and zeal paladins and what not have basically been left behind. Unless you have a godly weapon, it's just easier to make a hammer paladin (magic user) and even with crappy or no gear at all, you'll do 6,000+ damage. (OH yeah one more thing, patch 1.10 basically killed dueling, primarily because of the increased damage, duels will end in 5-10 seconds instead of 1-2 minutes)

Regardless of all that's happened the game was and still is very fun. If I happen to log on near the beginning of a new ladder season I'll play it just for shizz n giggles.

Long and the short of it is, if you have never played it before, it's a cheap investment that will give you some enjoyable hours of gameplay. The games plots are also far superior to diablo 3 which contained quite a few a$$pulls.
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Its worth playing but if you go online be prepared to see A LOT of spam taking up most of the screen in non private games.
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As someone who's played the Diablo series since D1 first came out, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. In fact, someone said earlier that you should play D1 first and then D2 and I'd have to agree. D1 was epic in its day. There was nothing quite like it on the market and for its time had good graphics, fantastic music, fantastic dialogue, good fast combat (similar to how D3 is, again for it's time) and decent replay value. The only thing D1 lacked was a variety of builds and each class had only 1 skill, though even Warriors could use spells. And it was VERY easy to get killed. You could get stun-locked by a pack of skeletons and killed in Normal.

I will say I didn't play D2 nearly as much as I did D1, but that was due to personal things in my life but I did play as much as I could. D2 expanded on what made D1 epic and while some things were bugged from the start (much like D3), it was eventually fixed and it has much better replay value because there are so many different builds you can do. While people QQ constantly about the item grind in D3, don't expect anything different from D2. There's still a major item grind to do, but you have more options with skills and customization/itemization than you do with D3 so it can be overcome.
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01/30/2013 09:46 AMPosted by Amoeba
fluid fighting

After playing PoE for 12+ hours, I still think Diablo 2's combat is better than this brand new ARPG.
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Totally. As said, the music alone is worth 10 bucks.
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01/31/2013 11:06 AMPosted by Agamemnicon
fluid fighting

After playing PoE for 12+ hours, I still think Diablo 2's combat is better than this brand new ARPG.

I enjoyed PoE a LOT, but I also think that the combat system of D2 is superior.
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it will be a little jarring at first because d2 is 2-d isometric.. not truly 3-d..but i say if you give it the chance it will be nice.
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D2 is much more entertaining than D3, still. However PoE game out, which is better than the lot of them...
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whoa... I was away for a minute, and FINALLY got my Barb to 60. I returned to the forum and see FIVE pages! Lots of good input and food for thought. 2 things mentioned that I want to comment on:

1. Diablo franchise is either a "hack n' slash dungeon crawler" or a "true RPG".

I think the answer is obviously the 1st option. Unless I missed something, because all I really care about is gameplay and overall game mechanics perhaps, there is no REAL RPG element to this game. I know very little about the heroes and the backstory of the game is alot less compelling. As stated, maybe it's just because I don't care so much about backstory that I missed it somehow (but I kinda doubt it...).

2. If I play D2 and find that it is indeed all kinds of awesome and D3 suddenly pales in comparison, I will be sad because I am really enjoying playing right now. This reinforces my decision to get all of the D3 play out of my system before I think about trying it's predecessor.
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Just remember when you go play D1 and D2. Play for the gameplay not the grapics. Remember in 1999 we did not have graphics cards that had more computing power then most servers at that time.. Anyways. Its a good game if you like games for whats in them over whats shinny on the screen. If you can Find D1 and D1 Hellfire. The issue there is your going to have to Chance it on ebay sence Blizzard does not sell part 1 and its expansion on the website sense there is no DRM in game. MMMM No drm games miss those.
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01/30/2013 09:27 AMPosted by Bullfrog
would I enjoy the graphics, gameplay, etc,

there you go. those things shouldn't be mandatory to diablo games but obviously this is what d3 is made of. imo complex game mechanism to ensure many possibilities is much more important and in that case d2 is definately better.

d2 definatley worth a try. but honestly if you enjoy d3 because you like graphics and gameplay then you probably won't like d2.
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totally worth it! get it already!
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Tricky.. might be hard to get used to the graphics...

If you can tolerate those, then yes D2 will be infinitely more enjoyable.
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Problem is the 800x600 resolution and hacks, dupes.

But the game is still better than D3.
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I'd definitely play it! Worth $10 and more!
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D2: LOD deserves respect and should have a revamp just to update its graphics and keep everything else about it in tack. That would bring a lot of players back to the game in droves. I didn't play it until years after it was released and enjoyed what I played of the game. Good game to have if your ever stuck offline.
If $10 is not too much then you should check it out but I would say go and watch some videos of the game on youtube, get an idea of what it is your gonna have to do in the game. But you could always save the $10 check out that other game that is Free 2 Play and has simular graphics to D3 with gamplay that a lot of D2 fans wanted/expected from D3.
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