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Would D2 be enjoyable (never played) after playing D3?

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if ur not going to let the fact the game is like 15 years old and the graphics are a little dusty ruin it for you then yes its a great game. i still play d2 to this day from time to time it just keeps my interest like d3 hasnt been able to do since i beat inferno with the first char.
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To be entirely honest, the only reason to play D3 is due to spending the last 12 years playing D2 and getting tired of it finally...

With that said, it took me around 10 years to actually get tired of playing D2, whereas it has not even been 1 whole year yet and I'm already getting sick of D3!!

I have a feeling if you go back and play D2, you probably will never come back to D3. It's the sad truth.
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Obviously LOTS of discussion about the merits of D3 vs D2 and the general consensus seems to be that D3 doesn't compare to it's predecessor...

So, as a person like myself who is new to the Diablo franchise and has ONLY played Diablo 3, would I enjoy the graphics, gameplay, etc, in D2?

It's only $10 so not exactly a big gamble. I'm just not sure I want to end my apparent blissful ignorance. :)

The end game is more fun. I always played hardcore.

The thing i did was i played PvM untill i got really good, then i went for loot duells. I know this !@#$ will work in diablo 3 aswell.

But as it seems like now, we dont even get permanent deaths in hardcore! God take all those sc players that´s trying to influe the hardcore game playstyle. God take em!

We are hardcore players. We want permanent deaths!
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It's a cool game yeah, but I played it again after d3 and got bored with it fast. Then again it took seven years of my life back in the day.
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Just play Path of Exile. It's the true successor to D2, and is an amazing game in its own rights (not to mention it's completely free). It's now in open beta and will have no more character wipes.
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I love D2/LOD, there seemed to be more interaction between the toon and it's environment. The flexibility of the character developement is more involving, although there are some cookie-cutter builds, equipment can make a big difference in the game. Build one of each class, you won't regret it.
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02/07/2013 06:20 PMPosted by Psilocybian
Just play Path of Exile. It's the true successor to D2, and is an amazing game in its own rights (not to mention it's completely free). It's now in open beta and will have no more character wipes.

I think you need to read the question again. It's not, "would PoE be enjoyable (never played) after playing D3?"...

My 2c says you would likely enjoy it if you can get past the fact it is quite an old game now. It will feel clunky compared to D3 but at the core is an amazing game.

The characters skill synergies make for a lot of build flexibility whichever path you choose to go down and the itemisation of gear assists you in making that decision.

The best bit is there's no pay to win model so you genuinely have that feeling that good gear is always around the corner rather than feeling like you are endlessly grinding for nothing but experience or gold. You don't need to be concerned that you can't progress through normal, nightmare, and hell difficulties because it was designed with that in mind rather than the idea of you having to open your wallet to progress.

That said, and in fairness to Psilocybian, PoE is the nearest thing to D2 but it's still individual enough that it sets itself apart from D2. It has a strong community following already even though it's in beta and there are issues that need to (and will) be ironed out. I suggest you try it out as well!
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