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Remove knockback from Wave of light!

I actually use WoL specifically because of the knockback. Removing it would be obnoxious.
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01/30/2013 04:09 PMPosted by Atlanis
I actually use WoL specifically because of the knockback. Removing it would be obnoxious.

I used to use WoL back in my 15k DPS 1.03 days. It became increasingly annoying as I gained DPS and slowly decided that I actually wanted more mobs around me, not less. Mark my words, as your monk gains DPS you will grow to hate knockback on a large scale. If you play pub games you will likely start to hear complaints about it, as well. I know I did.
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I would use WOL in conjunction with Cyclone Strike... but I feel the prohibiting factor is spirit costs.

I'm spent.

Have you tried it in PTR? I'm curious about impact of damage buffs to both of those skills if used in combination. I've tried to use this (in conjunction with Raahl's infinite spirit regen synergy). It's fun, but hard to pull off effectively on live servers without 1.0.7 damage buffs.

This is why wave of light needs to have less knockback. Knockback simply prevents consistent use of wave of light because a player is required to regroup mobs afterward.
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The knockback isn't that bad.
and you can use it to clear space when the crowd gets too pushy.
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I'd love WOL when it could stun instead of knocking back
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