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What is your Minimum threshold on Item Drop Value?

I've lowered my expectations to 20K...yeah i know
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01/30/2013 11:27 AMPosted by Confuser
100k If I cant sell for that I check if they are better than one of my alt's items if not brimstone or vendor.
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I still pickup everything that's not white.
Most of my income comes from selling essences and gems on AH. Yellows to the merchant.

AH item sales can be few and far between sometimes. Especially for anything worth over 500k.
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01/30/2013 10:09 AMPosted by HachiKumo
If you're flooded, why would you bump it up? Doesn't that make it harder to sell?

Means I'm going to vendor if I don't think it will sell for at least a million gold...and if it is on the AH for a million and doesn't sell in six hours its off to the vendor with it.
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I just play for that special ding and only list items I think have a good chance of selling. No buyouts. Try to do my listings early in the morning so they end at a decent time and there isn't too much of a storage issue with 10 chars and very limited drops that will actually sell. Still at the stage where I am keeping good stuff for other chars. Always start my auction for rares at the vendor price and let the market decide. Tedious with 36 hour auctions, but I also have a lot of time away from the game to let the auctions roll
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If I think the value isn't worth more than 500k - 1 million I won't bother.
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Somewhere around 125k for me. I pick up everything though, and now that I'm at the point where my Wiz and all my alts are getting to the point where upgrades are starting to become rare and expensive, I find a good number of decent rares worth selling.
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if it is less than that @ AH, I give it for FREE in general chat :)
if it does not sell for 500K, it is given for FREE or vendored...
plans I give it free if it is already known...
blues/whites/gray do not collect...
almost all rares i do collect, but sometimes id & drop instead of visiting town...

That is very noble of you! I like to see someone being generous. It's such a refreshing change vs all the selfishness on this forum.
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01/30/2013 04:31 PMPosted by TopStock

I'm talking about items you find in game. Not AH flip items.

Nice profile
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200k for SC
50k for HC
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01/30/2013 12:30 PMPosted by Corgon
I'm a terrible player. I pick up every rare. If it isn't an upgrade or it npc for less than 2000 gold it gets salvaged. I really have no desire to play the auction house at all. If I know for sure the item has value/useful affixes I will put up for 2k more than vendor price without a buyout and let the flippers bid on it. That being said I rarely find any items I deem worthyto sell. It mostly gets vendored or salvaged.

I never sold a thing all through Normal/Hell/Inferno and salvaged it all, which created quite a stockpile of materials. I sure hope crafting becomes more viable (and cheaper) going forward for both of us. Otherwise, why salvage?
I salvage it because selling it for minimal gold gets me no closer to the items I desire. I'm hoping this 1.0.7. crafting turns out some decent items for me eventually.
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100K is my usual standard. The AH can be hard to understand for lower end stuff, people way over price stuff which leads you to do the same.
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To be honest I could do without the AH. I could do without trading in its entirety. Make us get our own gear. Make gear much easier to get. Add fun side quests, and go to town on slashing and bashing demons.
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