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Make it to were we can trade organs and keys. Not for other items or gold but for organs to organs and keys to keys
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Wold be too useful.

I really hate the Oasis keywarden. Specifically because of the fact it spawns in the Oases.

For some reason, the Oasis has serious framerate and responsiveness issues in my PC. So it is a complete nightmare to farm it. I already have 3 keys of the other acts and the recipe, but now that I have to farm this, it is just awful and tiresome.
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add me in the game and I will help you get some of the act2 ones so you can get you a ring or two
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They still have an MMO-mindset to the design of these things.

I'm not sure why they are afraid to let us do get these keys/organs easier ... it's like they are building in these crazy time sinks (that aren't really worth the time) .. but yet we aren't paying an sub fee .. there is no reason to keep us "hooked" to this game.

Why not let us trade keys and organs? What would be wrong with that? More people trying to craft Hellfire rings? So what? You can't sell them ...

Why are they afraid to let us save some time.

Look at Borderlands 2 .. where they GIVE AWAY these "golden keys". These keys are used at a chest in the main town .. every time you open it .. you get GUARANTEED legendary (purple or higher) loot. Same game type .. a loot-based action rpg .. yet they don't care if they make getting GOOD loot easier .. they want their players to have fun .. not get "sucked in" to a huge time sink.
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01/30/2013 10:59 AMPosted by LastCrusader
not get "sucked in" to a huge time sink.

But see, that's what most of this community fails to realize...

Blizzard designed this game, and many of its features, while under the impression that most people enjoyed the farming runs...they enjoyed the item hunting...they enjoyed the time sinks that yielded rewards that not many other people have.

They put in the AH, and what ended up happening? Players went there and got ALLLLLLL their gear there.

I have no doubt that this put a major spin on Blizzard's thinking when assessing how this game was designed. They looked at D2, and said, "well, we have a community that loves farming runs and loves to collect tons of loot...so...lets make tons of loot drop, we'll make the exceptionally rare stuff drop exceptionally little...and people will keep at it till they get good stuff." But with the AH right there, players are damn near unable to fight their temptation to BUY their way to the top, and refuse to play the game "the hard way" and NOT use the AH, so now, Blizzard has to change much of its philosophy to provide SOME kind of time sinks or quests or tasks to give people something to work toward while farming.

So no, I don't agree that trading organs and keys should be allowed. If you want the item at the end of the trail, you need to work for it. It's not a situation where you can just throw gold at it in the AH because you want one so bad. Not everything has a price. And since you only need the plans one time, and THREE lousy keys to make one machine, I don't think it's a big deal to insist players stick to that.

01/30/2013 10:59 AMPosted by LastCrusader
Why are they afraid to let us save some time.

Love this quote. They put an AH there, that people abuse and overuse to the point where they cut their time going from level 1 to MP10 Inferno to about 1/64th of what they'd spend farming organically...and you want Blizzard to save you time?

Assuming you use the GAH...they've already saved you time by making it stupidly easy to buy customized gear from other players willing to sell you the pieces. Buy more upgrades, play at higher MPs, and get keys and organs to drop at higher rates.
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I enjoy the loot grind cardinal and thats why i play the game. I also enjoy playing the ubers but I also would like to have the ability to trade organ for organ not trade them for anything else. I cant do ubers at mp10 and cant afford to buy the gear to do them at this time. I'm not paying someone to carry me. I find it lame that I have 9 of one item and 3 of another and non of the last one. I dont see this being such a big issue or hurt the game.
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