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New DH, need advice(inna vs witching hour)

Im quite confused in regards to the elemental dmg % which inna's favour provides. I read somewhere on the forum that the ele dmg% is only useful when using black weapons(+min/+max dmg) and im using a manticore(not a black weapon). However using a somewhat accurate dps calculator, switching out to a witching hour would actually hold the same dps for me. My question is, does the ele dmg% help with anything at all while using a non black weapon, the ele dmg% actually increases my total dps but alot of post have stated it doesnt help black weapon.
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they equal out to about the same in dps once equipped... you cant trust in game links to damage increases.... have to equip them sadly.

both the same damage, one has attack speed & crit damage... the other crit chance & elemental... you decide what u like.

personally i prefer witching hour's extra attack speed
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A really good witching hour > a really good inna's mainly because you can actually get dex / ar / vit on a witching along with the dps, where you can only get 2/3 on an inna's.
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Unless you have like 500m+ to spend (eu prices), inna's is better. The dps gain isn't big enough to cover the ehp loss with a cheap WH. I'd get an inna's with either dex/vit, allresist or Life% as random affix, depending on budget and other stats.
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Not trying to be rude, but since this gets asked here at least once a month, I've compiled some of the threads which have talked about this in the past:


I don't believe much has changed since then, except the new marquis ruby will favor inna's more in that if you are using inna's your probably not using a manticore, and thus will apprecaite it more. Feel free to discuss more, but I think just about everything that needs to be said on the topic has been :P (I could be wrong though!)
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Hmm, I have to disagree that WH = Inna's...I believe WH to be superior in dps, at least, if it's well-rolled. I actually chose it though, because I found it easier to find a WH with at least some defensive stat (vit or ar) much easier/cheaper than Inna's. Unless you're farming low mp, I find the 2-piece Inna combo a bit overrated...I don't like the major loss in survivability. Rather keep a decent WH and some good vit/AR pants../shrug

Can't argue with all the uber-DH's that own the 2-piece set...but I just prefer WH...
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