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Seeking high-end advice, in a pickle!

So anyways, I don't post much on the forums here, but I am always lerking! I am looking for some advice on what to do next in my build, and really what I should do about my weapon.

First off, items that don't appear on my profile but are my actual main gear is :

Nats Embrace - 90 dex, 70 vit, 12 life, 55 all resist, 12 spike trap dmg bonus.
Vile Ward - 230 dex, 58 vit
Innas Temperence - 91 dex, 82 vit
and if I really need to switch defensive I have a 3k less dps bracer that adds All resist but loses 1.5 crit chance, and a set of gloves that adds 55 cold and 55 all resist, but I lose like 9k dmg.

If you look I obviously got a 2-socket Manticore with no dmg mod on it, pretty much making marquise rubys useless for myself at all. I found this manticore a long time ago, and it has served me well but always been something I wanted to upgrade last compared to the other gear I've slowly upgraded.

Anyways, I got a budget of around 75m atm with another 50-100m easily of gear I can sell that I don't use anymore, and whatever I would fetch for this Manticore now (probly 30-40m I'd guess?). Should I be looking to switch out for a similar manticore even if i lose dps but gain white dmg, so that I may gain more overall with a red gem over a green in the long run, or do I try to find me a calamity (I am thinking I need one in the 1150-1250 range at the least, with 85+ native crit and an OS, plus id like 40 percent mark chance so I know this !@#$ will be expensive lol), or do I just stick with this manticore because I don't have enough gold I think to even find something.

I personally just don't think I have enough of a bankroll at the moment to change and not even sure if the dps difference will be enough to make it worth changing, but I am open to anyone who's been testing out new Gems on the Test Realm that may have some advice on what I should do.

If changing weapons isn't the route to go with my budget, does anyone else have some suggestions on what I should do next? Sorta lost on where to go
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Try the dule wield builds they are fun mate, get a desent calamity, and a desent danettas and go from there. Or you can yse a calamity and still keep your DML which some DH are doing D3.
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Dual wield builds are going to be obsolete to Calamity (with Marquise Ruby) + Dead Man's Legacy. The reason is that the ruby will only augment the weapon it is installed in, and with dual wielding, you would need a ruby in each weapon to maintain high damage. By doing that, you would sacrifice ~200% Critical Hit Damage instead of only ~100% if replacing the emerald in the main hand with a quiver. Emeralds augment damage to both hands so stick with those if you intend to dual wield.
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Ya, I am not interested in duel-wielding one bit, and still wondering if anyone has constructive advice :(
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You first need to decide if you want more DPS or more EHP. It is very costly to upgrade both at the same time but you can usually upgrade one while keeping the other roughly the same. Once you have decided, consider which pieces could use more Vitality, All Resistance, Armor (for EHP) or Dexterity, Critical Hit Chance, Attack Speed, etc. (for DPS).
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