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Blizzard stop item duplicating is first step to saveD3


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hey look same person , have two of the same item ,


15 players having the same amulet.

you want more examples ?????
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they can run a check, and cross match their date base
players who keeping seeling the same iem should be banned .

the the item should be no longer tradable.

once there is another same item to the one you have both tiems should be locked to their account like hillfire ring, become non- tradable.
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I don not have a proper fix to the issue yet.

but hopefully. some smart person here will have the solution.

I know that in the commnity of chinese players .

we have largely lost our confidence about this game due to this issue .
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I dont have the right go comment you on this right of freedom speaking
I leave this to the other players think about
" item duplication is fine in my book"
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keeping bumpingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
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keep bumpingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

you may not aware of how servious this issue is go to diablo 3 progress and search any item.

and see in how many players having the same item .

Yeah sure , it will be a day, so called godly like items will be worth 100 game gold.
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bumppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppping again/
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i was bumping threads about this a week ago, and gravelording old threads from november where duping was proven to be happening, the community generally prefers a cheat free environment. blizzard either doesn't care or can't stop it so they gave up or didn't even try. lead director leaves, tons more dupes show up, the AH is suffering under heavy load, but the budget to D3 must have been reduced from an Activision perspective.
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I almost bought an amulet today and realized there were two of same listed in the auction house. I had the gold but i won't be supporting duping so I shall keep farming or look elsewhere for something that's not duped, hopefully, to show up.
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now the auction hourse price is gone crazyly mad.

duplicated itesm is everh where.
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Johno86 you have may my biggest thumb up.

good on you mate.
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come on guys more comments whether u agree or not , do not shake your head , say something
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fix it before it is too late
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vfix it before it is too late
You guys are merely overreacting. Blizzard told us a long time ago that with the way they put this deal together that duping was impossible, so like it or not, duping is impossible.

Now chill out and relax and they'll bring you some cake.
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