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Monster power and leveling a new char?

I always use mp10 on new toons. When the enemies start to get too good, I jump out and use the AH for some big upgrades. Then go right back to 1-hitting elites.

I guess as long as you are 1-hitting elites and killing a lot of whites, you will lvl very fast.

One hitting elites on MP10? I, uh, don't think so. Even with the best possible reduced level requirement gear, this is unlikely. And certainly not before your mid 40's when that gear becomes available.

I dunno, to me, leveling doesn't take long anyway. What is it 10-12 hours to hit 60 if you are using the AH or hand me down gear, on Mp0? I really have not seen the benefit of running MP levels beyond what you can a) 1 shot whites and b) kill elites in under 10-15 seconds, unless you are specifically farming keys/ubers at lvl 60. Of course, that does not include just doing it for the challenge, which is fine. But other than that I don't see the allure, necessarily.

might wanna try a high mainstat + added damage hellfire ring on your next toon.
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for me with my last two chars was like this:

1) MP 10 all the way
2) blue, yellow or leg that i didn't use gets grinded
3) need new gear? blacksmith it until i get something better

and the ofcourse obvius the biggest rubby i could get as soon as i get a helm with socket.. oh and also trying always to have life on hit weapons or socketed to get ametyst on them.
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Beg a fried to PL you?

If your objective is just to get to 60 asap, it is pretty ridiculous how fast you can level if you are running with an MP10/Inferno capable toon by your side.
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The only character I managed to level completely using MP is my current HC wizard. I already had low level gear in-line with my level which made playing at MP10 a bit easier (challenging but not downright slow where it takes more than 5 hits to take down one of those slow zombies in act 1).

Once I hit level 23, Cain's Set with star ruby. At around level 42 (nightmare act 1), I switched to a 760dps reduced level wand and a reduced level source with around 175 average damage. Around level 46, I used a few reduced level armor pieces (bracer, chest, shoulders, belt) with all resist which was good enough to last me until I hit the tail end of hell act 2 (I reached level 60 just prior to fighting Belial). The only places I toned down MP was against bosses and when I needed to go through areas with the keywardens.

I did full clears so my game play hours once I hit 60 was around 12 hours. To contrast, my fastest normal leveling (playing through the quest line doing full clears prior to MP was around 32 hours). My fastest power leveling was for my WD (10-58 in around 2.5 hours - got to level 60 with around 4 hours logged).
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Just go MP0 with leoric ring/hellfire ring/cain set/ruby in helm for a total of 201% XP with 5 stacks.
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I recently started a WD, and I power rush him in MP10, solo (i.e. no help from friends to unlock quests, group etc.).

Time recorded to reach 60 is 9 hours 49 minutes by just playing normally and no map clearing is necessary. This may not be the fastest way to play, but I definitely have fun in MP10 and I feel that I would not accept a lower MP level even though they might mean a faster time to reach level 60.

More details about my power rushing in MP10 can be found in this link:

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I stay in MP0 and just waltz through mobs. It is not necessary to ding 60 as possible as you still have to finish all three previous modes before getting access to inferno, so anything that gets you to 60 at the end of Hell is enough. There isn't really a point to get to 60 in nightmare, you still have to complete it and hell anyway.
I just keep a set of low level drops with sockets, they're enough to rush the leveling without requiring any other gear until you're 45 roughly, and then you can take your -level weapon and finish.
Only benefit of runnig high MP while leveling is if you're after a low level legendary for your collection or need to access level-adequate gear for whatever reason.
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I've been playing all my Hardcore characters at MP2, starting from Level 1. It becomes noticeable if your gear starts falling behind your level, but it's not insurmountable. If you're well geared, you'll blow things apart just as well. I've actually considered ramping up the MP for some of my better geared characters. I think it was a good call on Blizzard's part to implement the MP system for all levels.
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Drops are mostly pointless until inferno (and argumentatively after). I always do MP10 with hand me downs or friends (less likely in D3) when starting over. It feels faster. I think most agree that killing more quicker is always better (exp wise) than killing higher mp (more exp per kill) monsters, slower.

Personally, 1 shotting everything with very little chance to die makes the game not fun, so I usually try to pick an MP level which creates a challenge, but I'm not sitting there for 2 minutes trying to kill 1 elite.
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I did 3 characters recently to 60(just to finish the 10 level 60 char achievement).

I played on MP0 and speed ran. Killing most of what was in my way, but ignoring all side dungens etc. I put a 25% exp gem in my helm whenever i got a socketed helm, and it was at least nightmare(i forget when sockets open up, but it would be a waste of time in normal) I skill. Some zones i basically just ran past most things and didnt even kill them.

Normal: You dont need to worry about levels. If there is a level cap for nightmare, i didnt hit it x3. I ran past a lot and would sitll be upper 20s by the time i hit nightmare.

Nightmare: I would be a little bit shy of level 50 each time, and have to run most of act 4 a second time to get enough xp to get to 50.

Hell: I ended up at 58.2 to 58.8 for the 3 characters by the time i beat hell. So another 20 minutes or so on MP1 running act 4 to finish.

So really no point in making the hp go up 30x by setting it to mp10.

As soon as a socket weapon drops, put a flawless or higher ruby into it. Just salvage the weapon for the gem each time you find a better socketed weapon. This will make things go WAY faster.

When you get to hell or late nightmare. Go to the auction house and buy a cheap socketed -level requirement weapon(around 700 dps or so, no other stats matter). Throw a gem in the socket on top of that, and you will just fly through things.
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