I don't know how to start this, but the last time that I was able to play with no problem, no issues and no lag at all was Dec. 31, 2012 (GMT 8+). What's going on?? Am I the only one who's having this kind of issue? It's been almost a month and ALL the game I had were laggy. I always had to play on my own because joining a party is useless, my character won't show up and the screen will freeze so I have to force close the game, open it — rinse, repeat. It takes so long before I can log on because the error 3006 would always popup, and once I'm on, I have to wait for 5-7 more mins before I can access AH or the "resume game" button will become clickable.

I have no problem with my internet connection as well as the computer I use, if you're gonna ask me. The game is so unplayable whether it's day or night and I'm starting to get really frustrated. I have a brother who plays this game and it looks like he's having the same problem but not as bad as what I'm experiencing right now.

(please excure my grammar, English is my second language)
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