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What is your profession?

Super nice! Good luck ... it's an awesome journey. :) My youngest will also technically start "kindergarten" this fall. My other is 11 (6th grade). O.o

Thanks! My youngest is 11 months, so we have a ways to go yet :) The oldest does better with a Montessori type approach though, so it will be fun I think ^_^ I have lots of research to do in the next 6 months!

Lots of tech guys in this forum. Somehow I am not surprised with all the math talk that goes on...

Montessori is wonderful, as is Waldorf (in case you'd ever like to check it out). They have similar educational philosophies and are both progressive in thought / method. Very beautiful, natural ways of learning and teaching. I'm excited for you! ^.^ You'll have fun with all your research.
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I am an e-learning instructional designer.
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also part-time Astrology fortune teller.

awww this explains things
ohh can you show me your 7 angle 7 trumpet, stack the pillar technique sometime? and what gear to get with it. wana try this for 1.07

Me: purchaser/planner and monk forum browser = P

thanks, >;)
I'm also a guitar player and singer for a death metal band,
but that's not really a profession, hehe.

sure thing, I will add you and give walkthrough on that pattern.
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No doctors yet? Let me make the start. I'm a doctor for the four legged realm. My patients come with wings sometimes or crawling on their bellys :)
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Oil pumper on the Bakken/Three Forks/Nesson.
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@ Vrkhyz

And here I thought you worked for NASA or some privately funded Aerospace program. You missed your calling, methinks.

Yeah, I don't know how I ended up with a literature degree, except that critical analysis falls into my wheelhouse. D3 and poker fill in the gaps.
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a software tester... i will test d3 if they will hire me LOL
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I'm an RF Engineer. I work on antenna systems all over the world.
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High school math teacher.
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Casino Tables Games Shift Manager

Oh, cool. I'm a dual-rate Supervisor/Dealer myself.
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I'm a Tattoo Artist and Illustrator.
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im a drug dealer ... pharmacist
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Placer gold miner / poker player
yes, I farm gold in rl
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I'm a pre-med student applying to med school this summer.
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*Raises up a spear* HOOWA! .... oh we're not talking about that movie....

Quality Assurance Tester. It's not as fun as it sounds.
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01/31/2013 02:34 PMPosted by scrapz

oh hey me too! represent! lol

what pinoy/pinay isnt=X

Yeahhh...... I'm not pinoy....
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I'm getting carried through life.
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i work at a company that sells, hires and modifies shipping containers. i'm collecting job titles. i started at the bottom as a metal fabrictor and worked up to managing a branch (moved to another city for this), then moved (back) to the city i used to work in and took a bit of a step back to Fleet Controller as my official title, but i basically do a bit of everything and coach/teach the new staff
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Doing sales for TopGear Magazine in Malaysia, I'm in charge of looking for advertisers for the magazine as well as various related tasks.
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