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Key Farming - Busted (how to get idiots to play more)

Here's my question.. WHY key-farm in MP3? You call others dumbasses, but 30% odds are good in your book. Poor, down-trodden scrubnub
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well this kind of ppls are IDIOT at all, why u complaining abt % to dop keys ? farm mp 10 for 100% drops or keep quite to try ur luck without complain , 99% still got 1% fail , if u complain that much when u farm key always farm mp 10 , problem solve, btw i,m farm mp 1-5 mostly, and now i got 78 x act 1 keys 89x act 2 keys n 95x act3 keys , so if my luck O.o ,u moron..............
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Recently, i was running VoA in Mp7 and i get about 10 keys in 12 runs which is better than 70% rate. I then run Act 3 MP 7 and only get about 4 in 7 runs. At the end of the day, the percentage is based on that single run, so it is possible to get nothing even for a few MP9 runs.
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02/03/2013 11:52 PMPosted by gooddaytodie
mp3=30% for each run.... its not tallied for each run. so the game does not say... well sence your on run 10 i should give you a key. so you should think of it more like 70% FAIL than 30% win....

was closer to 90% fail.

neither here nor there. RNGod has my number.
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I have been doing some key farming, and I have noticed over the last month that the key drops are just not happening - not like they did in the beginning.

So I started keeping stats on it: 87 runs at MP 3 and 11 keys. And if I do 100 more runs, I should get around 15 keys.

They definitely halved the drop rates, which I don't have a problem, I wish they would just tell us so that our expectations are in line with reality. But this, in my guess, is actually a way to get people to play more.

Here's the way it works. The developers tell you the drop rates are MP x 10%. In the beginning it works that way so you get the reward (like gambling does with your reward center). Then they change it to half, and now you have to work twice as hard at it to try to get that same reward. Meanwhile D3 benefits, because they have idiots like myself trying to work twice as hard to get the reward.

I expect they will do this with other bovine fecal account bound items as well.

No thanks. Done as of tonight.

Cue the dumasses who talk about random, luck, blah blah blah.

Play it on mp10. No more random. Problem solved. You can keep that free of charge.
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Why would you key farm on MP3, anyway?

While there's always a possibility that there was a stealth nerf to the keys, that is *much* less likely than you just having a dry spell. 11/87 on a 30% chance is well within a reasonably expected distribution. If you had 0 out of 87 (or 60+, for that matter), then we might have something on our hands. As it is, keep gathering data. I'll be convinced when you're around 2000 runs and only 300 keys :)

I had a lucky streak of 27 key in the same gaming sesion. Was farming MP4 act 3, needed like 4keys, they all droped one after another, kept resetting, then went act 2 to get some keys and they kep dropping and i kept farming more, to have like 15 machines. After 27 keys it stopped droping. 12 kills no keys. RNG is RNG no matter how lucky or unlucky you are. I stoped and went on exp farming.
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Have you guys played settlers of catan?
Two guys I know who love statistics were going insane because the dice didn't roll what they were supposed to
Random is random.
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