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Got Chant wand and CC Mempo, what next?

Looks like I need a trifecta zuni pox and a lacuni with AR and aromor. Need more suggestions.
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That's an interesting setup.

Next? That entirely depends on what you're trying to do. Farm for loot? XP? fun? What MP level? What build (assuming CM)? Ubers? PvP? What's your budget?
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For fun mainly. I wanna increase my dps to be over 200K while keeping my current EHP. That's my current goal. I don't mind atk speed going lower. Budget is abut 800mil.
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Need a budget first before suggestions as Kiza asked.
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Sry. Just put in my budget in the previous post. 800mil.
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A 8ias Int Unity would be a nice upgrade to you. 1 like mine in my profile. It will add more sheet dps than either of your rings, 260+LOH(Important) and also the 3/4% Elite damage increase(Not shown on your sheet dps)

Looking at 200-300m there for a good one.
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Thanks Aph. I didn't think of Unity rings. That makes perfect sense.
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Also a 6ias/4.5 Zuni ring for your other ring slot will give you the 3 set bonus of 55AR. increasing your total AR by over 100.

Price 350-500m

The Zuni/Unity listed above will keep you above the 2.73AS breakpoint and gain Dps, 250+LOH, 110AR.
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Aph, you mean a pox that came with AR plus the 55 set bonus?
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All pox's come naturally with AR. Then you get the 3set bonus 55AR on top.
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Good sources for dps include int, cd, and avg dmg. Since your a CM wiz with relatively high cc, cd is an easy way to boost dps. A rare trifecta glove with AR would help you both get dps and AR (you need a bit more mitigation).

Aph beat me to it, but if you can get a zuni pox (trifecta or at least one gives a lot of dps), that would be even better since you get the extra bonus. If that is too expensive, consider a trifecta (or quadfecta) amulet with LoH and AR.
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Got it!...That's some really good gearing advice. Thanks again.
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Well before you do all that big ring switching those Lacuni's are terrible... then again I think I got a steal on mine and you can't get any AR/armor Lacuni's no matter what the values for cheap heh so yah just what Aph said rings unless u can find a deal on Lacuni's too.

I got mine for 40M and weeks and months after saw something as cheap again with AR/armor..even pathetically small amounts of AR like 26.
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I wouldnt even bother get lacunis like mine for a little dps cos rds getting nerfed plus int is like AR anyway. u cant get int and ar and armor.
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