Thank you to everyone who responded. I am still processing this. I will do my best to answer any questions that were asked.

For budget let's pretend that didn't matter. What would you suggest then?

What if my budget was a few hundred million?

The 0dog idea looks cool. I am sort of using a combo of darts and exploding dogs now.

I'm not married to the darts or the dog idea. But when I played around with the different skills at low difficulties the current skill set kind of came naturally.

It worked like a charm up until mp 2. I am pwnd in 3. I'm not sure about the tank thing. I think mostly I'd like to be able to take the slow stroll through mp 10 without going broke repairing my armor. As it stands, the monsters in act 1 of mp 10 chase me back into town and I can barely kill those first zombies. I'd like to be able to do solo key runs. Some mf gf would be nice but I think I'd like the satisfaction of being able to solo the game on it's hardest difficulty more then amassing wealth. I work crazy hours and don't get much time to play.

MCP I'll add you.

Thanks again everyone. As I figure this out I'll update here with more questions once I have a better idea about how much gold I can liquidate and the questions of playing style.

Any feedback is appreciated.