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Nearing Belial in Inferno

I'm getting closer to facing Belial, I basically know the drill on what to dodge and avoid, obviously I don't have "godly" gear, but over all I'm pretty happy with what I do have. Of course I would like some more AR, but finding it for the pieces I'm lacking is few and far between at the AH. I'm very content with my DPS, maybe could use some more HP, but wonder at this point how much that would help. I have some LOH.....so I guess I'm wondering what you all think.....
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I remember you. You are the guy who has a graveyard of fallen heroes. Congrats on reaching 60 and I continue wishing you the best in your progression.

As for your gear, I would have to take a look.

Okay, after a quick look, I got some stuff for you. I got a belt and bracers to up your survivability a little more. Both would add close to another 10,000 HP as well as some extra AR and a tiny bit of life-regen. You may lose some DPS, but I think you're in a good place.

Another thing, I would switch your Rend rune to Bloodlust. At your damage, the lacerate rune won't make much of a difference for the extra 206% weapon damage. If you use bloodlust, it will afford you to 'tank' a little bit more rather than having to kite; it's also great for keeping you alive.
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There's nothing for you but death in act 3, so I wouldn't worry about taking out belial. Get 200 more AR at least and 7-10k more dps. You think you're doing fine until you get vortex horde frozen arcane beamed.
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I beat Belial with way less stats (AR, DPS, Def)on my WD back in September. Don't get hit, it's an ARPG not stand in one spot and mash a button game.
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You're more than fine. You'll laugh at how easy Belial is.

I also think you're fine for A3. You have better survivability stats than my barb, and she didn't have any trouble clearing A3MP0. I almost never play her, though, so who knows?
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your armor is huge!

that low of dps must be kind of boring tho...

I think you are fine and will enjoy taking a fat !@#$ on belial's head
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actually that dps isn't too low, thought i saw 15k lol (must have been a different profile)

you might want to switch out one of the armor passives for Inspiring Presence if you can get your life a little higher, having huge regen is super nice
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Your stats look fine TBH but with a graveyard like that... why not be absolutely sure and do what everyone else is suggesting and bump that DPS and EHP a bit before attempting him.
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