It wasn't much but the thing is it prevents me from upgrading my barb on HC. Clearly due to AH "heavy loading error".

I was buying a weapon upgrade for my HC Barb... the price of the item is 2M it has a current bid of 500K+, on last minute I put my bid 1.3M which is all I got btw. The loading is about 30 secs and in the end it failed, due to "heavy loading error or something". There's still seconds left, so I pressed the bid button again and it accepted but expired. On the tab it says, I'm winning but the status is expired, no history record, no item to be found in my history tab.

Sure the gold isn't much, but what if I'm bidding Billions of gold? This could happen to anyone.

Any help is appreciated.

Tried to send a ticket but found this instead...

"Auction House

Customer Support cannot assist with mistakes made in the Diablo III Auction Houses. We feel that there are sufficient warnings and safeguards in place to ensure that mistakes are not made in the Diablo III auction houses."