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Thx for fixing non stopping friend invitation bots :D

Haven't had a spam request in a week. Well done, Blizzard. And I still love the game. Keep working on new stuff.
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i wonder if gold sales actually went down. i still get friend requests, but not as often definitely. maybe from everyday to 2x a week. good job blizzard.
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02/03/2013 05:05 PMPosted by DeathAdder
The people that get friend invite spam are the ones that purchased gold from other websites....isn't that breaking the rules? To the people whining all your doing is merely incriminating yourselves.Blizzard are good friends with the gold sellers, they know what you have been up to. I'd stay quiet and enjoy the game.

I have never bought gold in Diablo 3 or from websites. I haven't even sold or bought anything on RMAH. And still I get those "friends request", and plenty of them.
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01/31/2013 11:03 AMPosted by Vaeflare
We're glad that many of you have noticed reduced friend invitation spam since we made some [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7591982115"]recent adjustments[/url]. Just remember that if you happen to receive a friend invitation that's spam, please continue to use the "Report Spam" option as normal so that our support staff can review the complaint.

hey, hey, you, yeah you with the face. Stop patting yourself on the back and go fix our itemization and do something about the botters.
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I've had zero friend requests from spam bots since this change was put in place.

Good job, Blizzard!
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D3Walmrt only request my friendship twice a day now on average. This is WAY better than the 10-15 requests I used to get. Thanks for putting a handle on it, keep up the good work team.
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Excellent work, guys. It's much appreciated.
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Hmm they only did this on the us servers? I'm still getting spammed by friend invites on the EU servers =/
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Not sure about EU, I have no more invite on US. BTW, I cleaned up the existing invitee, and i think the AH run a bit faster at beginning. It still have bugs but i didnt have to wait long for accessing 1st time, unlike before i cleaned up 15+ gold spam invite.
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Yep, I've noticed much less. About 1 a week I get now.
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This is what should be done to fix the spamming. In the next patch include a friend accepting button, that we can turn on and off. That will take care of the spamming.
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01/31/2013 09:47 PMPosted by xSkilling
and the AH is still bugged beyond all control

Too bad this isn't a thread about the AH, your QQ post would then be ON TOPIC
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i havent had any reduction at all. i actually get em while im playing now
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Well every time I login after I have been asleep or gone from the computer, I always have AT LEAST ONE (sometimes two) friend spam requests from bots and it never fails... just thought Id let you guys know that its still happening!
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