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How much gold do I need to make a CM Wiz?

I've always kind of liked flashy play styles and this one definitely seems like that. I also love lightning. I would like to be able to do MP10 and I could probably spend about a billion gold on one. Anyone got any tips for that? Saw some other CM Wizard budget threads but nothing quite like what I was looking for.

Thanks for the help.
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Thats ez. just copy my toon it's about 1b and i slay mp10 freeze or no freeze builds.


BTW im not saying mine is best 1b build there are plenty of awesome other ways to go too like novice's build like roberts so I hope others chime in...just gave an example thats its very possible
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Okay thanks for the input. Yeah just looking for examples of gear I should be shooting for.
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ive spent under 1bil but my dps is a lot lower than some of the guys who will show up in this thread
but theres a variety of ways to get an mp10 wiz ready just remember mitigation is impt
in addition to 5k armor 750+ar, 2.73 aps, 50cc, 18+apoc, 800 loh per 100k dps
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variety of ways to get an mp10 wiz ready just remember mitigation is impt
in addition to 5k armor 750+ar, 2.73 aps, 50cc, 18+apoc, 800 loh per 100k dps

This. LOH is a little heavy more like 700 per 100K and you need like 35K life too. best buget way to get there is throw it on source like mine was 40m huge dps huge life so cheap

to give you an idea how cheap that is my apoc source with same dps is 400m. dont go that route lol
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02/02/2013 12:26 AMPosted by Aimless
and you need like 35K life too.

Mine forever.
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Definitely like the look of your gear Shandlar, but I'm guessing that it would cost much more to get to that point. The Mempo alone is 1.5 bil or more.
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hehe like his ammy alone is 5b. everything he has is best in server or close.
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if shand your ideal, he is mine and i've always tracked him - 20% ...that's all u can do realistically unless you got like 5b then you can get close but no cigar still.
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I've always kind of been hesitant to start another character, since I know exactly what it took to get my Barbarian where he is now. Not sure it's worth it unless I can get some pretty good stuff. Maybe 1 bil isn't enough.
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Yeah u need about 5 b to build a good one. i.e. stands out... There is one former barb named killerelite whos worth looking at.

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Yeah that's probably about what my Barb is worth too lol. I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that one of the best builds in the game is so expensive to get into. Or at least to get good gear for it.
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You could always try to go against the grain a bit. 1b wont quite do it, but if you go the 10-11% IAS dagger route you can run an IAS-less tals and a 6cc stormcrow for the % elemental damage boost on the cheap.

The dagger has to be 1.65 or 1.665 though. Then enchantress can get you 2.73 breakpoint with only 7 IAS items.

Then run max IAS items every and an APoC triumverate. I can't believe I'm saying this but run Inna's pants.

So its


9% IAS each for 63%. A 10% dagger = 1.68 * 1.63 = 2.7384. Breakpoint.

You'd have 3%LS and 450 LoH from stormcrow. You'd have black damage so you'd have an insane DPS from a 10cc tals amulet but wouldn't have to pay the 2b for a trifect. You'd have +27-32% elemental damage and all black damage from dagger.

It would be a psuedo frostburn set up, and would be completely dependent on how good of a dagger you could find. The way its looking though, with 450 LoH and 3.00% lifesteal you'll be fine in 1.07 clear up past 200k dps at really low defenses. Like 700 AR and 4500 armour at 35k life you'll be MP10 all day long.

I always advocate MP8 though. Its more efficient pretty much no matter what, esp with DE nerfed in MP10 like it is. MP7 may be better now tbh.
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TANSTAAFL. Everyone high unbuffed with proper mitigation and sustain is 5b regardless of class.
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What are the most expensive pieces? I'm guessing Mempo, Chantodo's force, and Will and probably Lacuni's. I could work towards those. I don't really like to half !@# anything lol, so maybe it was silly of me to make this topic. I always thought Wizard looked fun though.
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I can't believe I'm saying this but run Inna's pants.

sniffing ketones in lab?
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Using Storm Crow, you can look at Aimless, but don't expect to have that high DPS. He has a high DPS IAS Wand and Trifecta every slot except Gloves. However you can achive the same EHP with around 100k-120k DPS easily with 1b, assuming you buy everything at market price. You can achieve more with patience of course. Storm Crow is the easy way to have a functional SNS Wiz. MP 10 too.
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Chantodo's Will is a weapon that doesn't need a socket for crit damage?
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SC 70m
Vile 60m
Ammy 60m
chest 92m
wand 150m
gloves 80m
pants 50m
trifecta ring 40m
nats ring 230m
source 40m
nats boots 45m
WH 100m
bracer 50m
= 166K unbuffed 5600 armor 830 ar 54% CC 970 loh 39K hp
995m totally doable novice.
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No. It can be native CD. Much cheaper if you have tight budget. I don't really think it's necessary to pay a premium for 10 CD anyway.

Edit: 40M ring, 60M amulet... wtf... serious steal there.
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