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350mil to spend from scratch. what class?

Hi all,

friend quit and gave me his gear, i been selling them and have made 350mil. i have a lv 60 on each class, what class will i get my monies worth? (whats the furthest MP i can achieve) with 350mil and a choice to spend that on any class.

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bump plz guys!
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An obvious choice to get your money's worth would be Barbarian. But I detest the majority of them, so I can't recommend it.

I have seen some WDs do massive damage. Demon Hunters too. Personally, I find monk to be very fun. Monks and Wizards are getting a bit of a buff in the next patch.

I say make a WD and a Monk. See which one you like more.
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@rudski: i played this for months when it came out, obviously all my gear is nooby now and my build as so much has changed, gotta start from scratch
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You have 350 million plus in gear months ago and it was NOOB? really. mate I haven't played in like 4 months and my GEAR IS NOOOB and worth less then 2 million at best.

edit: Also you're posting from another account with 3 characters - very noobish gear and 10k elite kills, I would assume this is your normal account. So I am to believe you have two accounts, one full of 60's and 350 million + in gear and you decided to also create another account and level another bard, another hunter and whatever else you have all in 6 months, because you quit "months ago". And you still don't know the answer to your original questions? Sounds like your a master at D3.

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I have had a lot of fun with my monk. She does tremendous damage and can be lightning fast if properly geared. I like the witch doctor too as there is a lot of build diversity.
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Depends what you want to do.
Barb for farming.
Witch Doctor / Demon Hunter / Monk for Dueling.
CM Wizard if you want to do ubers at high MP levels. Very expensive to build, though.

If you want the most DPS for your buck (350 mil) I would recommend barb or DH.
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Chill out man.

I have 5 lvl 60 toons. For high level monster power as you mentioned, your choices are mainly wiz and barb. You can check youtube for vids showing MP10 barbs and cm wizzes with 1M worth of gear. Their builds are just broken with the amount of sustain they are able to generate.

I geared a 1M wiz a couple months ago and it was pretty sick how she could handle MP10 with trash gear. I had 50k dps so it took a long time to kill elites, and also had trouble with kiting elites in low density areas. With 350M you should be able to do MP10 with very little / no deaths, and do solid damage.
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WD is fun but I don't suggest it, every other class is more successful
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