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Paragon 100 by class -- Americas

The only classes I really play are barb and wizard, and the latter really needs something to compete speed-wise. RLTW+WotB movement speed is a bit much, especially for a melee class. Archon is very powerful, but feels weak just because of how slow it is. Don't even speak of teleport, its horribly clunky when compared to a barb sprinting in near-perma-wrath.
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I agree, but it seems other "speed" builds for other classes are much cheaper.

Actually, no, I don't agree. You shouldn't have to spend a ton of money to play a certain build.

You can spend 1mil on a TR build that works perfectly fine. You can spend 1bil on a TR build that is the BEST at farming. This is EXACTLY how the system should be. Play whatever you want, but if you want to be the BEST, you better be ready to invest the gold. This progression is absolutely necessary for any longevity.

4pc Inna's at the VERY least, and you're already well over 1 million gold. Let's see....at least one Stone of Jordan, and gotta make sure that Inna's Helm has spirit regen. Hmm....need some life on hit, since you can't afford defensive stats when you gotta focus so hard on that spirit regen. That's gonna be a damned expensive Skorn I guess...
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Monk's with sweeping wind is one of the faster high mp farmers. So I'm not really surprised by those number, especially considering monk's are pretty easy to gear for high mp's.
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best mfing classes in D2 were Hdin/Sorc and were the majority... were there mf barbs using dual wield ali babas and mf gear? were there mf druids? of course..just not as many because not as efficient
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Fully MF decked Barb with a killer Merc, I considered that way more effective then the others. Could be 'cause it allowed my to watch TV while doing Pindleruns thou.
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here's another site that shows class popularity, classes by 60's , paragon 1-50, paragon 100's. etc..


lv 60's by class softcore
barbs - 27%
DH - 22%
monks- - 19%
WD - 13%
wiz - 19%

lv 60s all paragon
barb - 27%
dh - 21%
monk - 19%
wd - 13%
wiz - 19%

lv 60's paragon 50+.
everything is lower, except barbs are actually incresased at 38%
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