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How important is the D3 economy to you?

Couldn't care less about the economy
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Quality? I'd laugh if the CM really said that. Now you're just making stuff up. Regardless of your conspiracy theories, the current AH does NOT affect your drops IN ANY WAY. Quality, quantity, whatever.

Let me rephrase:

Items on the AH do NOT affect the current drops AT ALL.

If you don't believe me, try farming inferno hardcore. You won't get any better DROPS, despite the fact that the hardcore auction house hardly has any legendary items in it at all. So clearly the AH does NOT affect drops, or else it would be absolutely raining Godly legendaries in comparison to softcore.

But no, the drops are the same regardless of the contents of the AH. The big difference is, SAME QUALITY legendary items are WORTH a lot MORE in hardcore, due to the economy being in a healthy state, making farming a whole lot more rewarding in hardcore than softcore.

sigh... this was posted AFTER he slipped up and admitted they throttle drops according to what is on the AH, as well as deleted his original post stating that.
Then comes back with this nonsense to sugar coat the mistake...

Quoted from Bashiok:

"That's not what was said or implied at all, sorry if it was confusing. The AH doesn't have any affect on the literal drop rates of items depending on what's available.

What I said, and what is true, is that with far more players and an increased proliferation of item trade, we have to factor in how many items are being found by players and how quickly a player can gear up by 'sourcing' items from others through trade and the convenience of the gold auction house.

If we say "a player should have X power in Y amount of time through drops" and completely ignore that the time factor can be reduced by simply having access to more drops through trading and the auction house, players would be gearing up far quicker than we've determined they should. It has nothing to do with the auction house per se, but the general ease at which players have access to more items than they would without it and us needing to keep that in mind while balancing drops. It would be rather poorly thought out if we balanced drops completely ignoring all of the ways players can gear up, and trading is certainly one of them.

Obviously everyone wants the best gear possible as quickly as possible, and us attempting to mediate that through design that takes all factors into account is not always going to be a popular notion."

I do believe his original statement was, Of course we factor drops according to whats available on the AH, otherwise the economy would tank in a matter of weeks.
I'm sure the devs caught wind of that and didn't much like it, which is why you can no longer find the post on these forums.

And somehow you came to the conclusion that they lower the "quality" of your drops dynamically based what's "currently" in the AH? He didn't say that at all. In fact, from what I read, it is exactly as I described - they had the initial drop rates low (pre-1.05) so they wouldn't tank the economy in weeks. Obviously, they changed their mind about the INITIAL drop rate and increased it such that the softcore economy did, indeed, tank within weeks of 1.05.

And what part of "AH doesn't have any affect" is so hard to believe? Are you accusing the CM of lying? And claiming your baseless theory as "fact", while completely ignoring my arguments? I'm not going to repeat myself again, but if it came down to your word vs his, I would have to go with his since my experience with the game and both softcore & hardcore economies tells me he's telling the truth, and you have nothing to counter my argument or back your own.

I feel that a lot of people complaining about the drops actually understand the economy and how affects them. The QUALITY (usefulness) of drops has NOT decreased. What has really happened, is that the VALUE (how much its worth) of most of your drops has decreased due to the state of the economy - there's simply too much loot in the softcore AH.

Which goes back to my original point - if you don't use the AH, you are not affected by the economy (self found people don't care about the items "value", only about their "usefulness" which is completely unaffected. A 1.2k DPS skorn is a 1.2K DPS skorn, whether it was worth 10,000,000 gold (early 1.04) or 50,000 gold (i.e. now), it is just as useful for clearing the game.
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Don't give a flying rats behind. Folks who talk about the "economy" of Diablo like its a day job...gtfo. Seriously. I want drops to be slightly less random, or based on events which I can control. I like the feeling that I control some of the progression. Because drops are tied to the AH's, the chances of me personally finding many useful items, even after 100's of hours of playing is ridiculously small.

One blue just posted that we most likely won't get a socket quest because it would drastically throw off item balance. I'm like WTF? Items themselves NOW can get sockets, ...right? So that Legendary calamity with 1300 damage, CAN have a socket already making it even that much more godly. How in the world does allowing me to socket the one I got which doesn't currently have a socket throw off the system????? As is, 90+% of weapons / helms without sockets are 100% worthless; I don't see how letting me throw in a socket is going to throw off the "economy" But I'm not an economics major so I dunno. But why do I have to care, this is a GAME of bashing monsters for Gods sake.

EDIT: Just an FYI, Wyatte (however you spell his name) himself originally stated that the AH did in fact control drops. Which he later modified to saying there was a relationship, but not actual control. Meaning, he changed from saying the AH controlled drops to saying the game controlled drops but the ah had an influence. This isn't something you'd randomly get wrong...After any patch where a new item is released and the AH doesn't have any of that item. 1000's of folks find that item within hours of the patch release...then all the sudden no one does, cept for 1 here and there. The AH is definitely controlling drop rates imho.
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02/08/2013 10:01 AMPosted by whoopadeedoo
The question can be rephrased: "How important is TRADING IN D3 to you?" If you don't like trading in a Diablo game, you really picked the wrong game. But then again, Blizz is trying to make D3 like WoW.

There is not much trading in D3, just buying and selling. When you list something in the AH and someone buys it, that is not trading. You are selling and they are buying. The AH is one the things painfully wrong with this game.
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Its important enough to keep the game going in my opinion. Without it, we would probably be left with less updates, hot fixes, and feedback on the forums.

Its like credit cards, a necessary evil.

they sold 12 Million copies ofthe game but how much of that coin has been spent already to market, update, pay employees, send to the bank, etc etc etc?
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02/06/2013 07:28 PMPosted by HoosierDaddy

Were all of those legendaries you have equipped bought on the AH?

Um yes! There is not 1 item on me that didnt come from the GAH! This is just bad for the long run of this game! If players can spend 500+ hours and not have a single self found upgrade then the item game is effectively nill!

Blizzard knows about the items being crap in this game yet not a single blue post that they intend to do something about the horrid rng system they have in place!

i have not had a problem finding things. the ah was put into place so when you did find an upgrade, it may not be for you, so you sell it to aquire the funds necessary for your upgrade. if you buy the gear through the ah, then you obviously don't care if everything is self found, so what does it matter? the economy, like it or not is an important factor in this game. it was in d2 as well, it just didn't involve (unless you went to a third party site) any real money. but a lot of people boughtgear to farm end game gear to sell. nothing wrong with that at all. but you can't sit here and tell me in however many years of d2 you played that you only played in self found gear.
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D3 economy adds a dimension of depth and persistence to the game that D2 didn't have and I believe it is important to the game and it's future.
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2 things posed here: do you care about the economy (general) and would you endorse blizzard 'fix' the economy in some kind of pseudo-keynesian utopian short-sightedness.

1. i kind of care about the diablo economy... its quite interesting to me.

2. no i would not.
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D2 had an economy. It's just trade was painful, tedious, and risky. You spammed chat and d2jsp for days on end hoping the right barter partner was onilne, then you deal with the headache of settling on a fair barter, then you hope you don't get scammed.

Because of the reasons you listed here I stayed out of the "D2 economy" and I suspect many others did as well. I'm sure everyone posting here was a D2JSP hero, but I'm guessing an overwhelming majority of D2 players did not take the risk or time to mess with it. So that leaves kind of a "fringe economy" enjoyed by a small subset of players. Not something on the scale of D3.

A real healthy economy where gold actually has value to most players is something that even the most casual player can partake in easily. The AH managed to do a great job with making the economy accessible to everyone and thereby giving gold a real value.
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