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YESSSS! Inna 3 piece!


I wasn't the first to notice this but its worth mentioning in the monk forum.

The 3 piece set bonus for the inna's set is currently blank (the same case with several other sets) suggesting perhaps that the bonus is being reworked.

Hopefully this will mean no more .33 SPS and hopefully a 3 piece bonus that is actually worthwhile.

I'm guessing these as possibilities:
+2 SPS
+50 AR
+3% Lifesteal
+100 Max Spirit

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It also looks like something is going on with the 2 piece Nat Set bonus...
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OOOOooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh SnnnnnnnnnnAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP
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I doubt so.. I think is bug. that's causing why the nat set bonus doesn't show in our profile..

Even if they are going to change, it will only affect the new drops and not what we are having now..
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I noticed that too, but I doesn't seem like that's what they're up to (all sets are missing some of their bonuses). Maybe a bug? Let's hope though that it's about changes.

fingers crossed
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I wouldn't count it as bug. Notice the bonuses missing are the ones that suck the most (with the exception of Natalya). It could be coincidence, but very unlikely one.
What I believe is that:
1. Weak and useless set bonuses are getting changed or buffed.
2. Nat's 2-set is going to get a nerf. Not that I am happy about it, but it's a bonus so good it is used by everyone, not just the DHs, My guess it's going to be changed to something DH specific like Discipline regen.

Inna 3-set will most likely have 2-3 spirit per second regen. I think it is in line with 1.0.7 goal of making spirit spenders more attractive. Other choices like AR or LS would also be great but seem less probable to me.
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^ hahahaha true
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^^well said
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I will miss my 13% crit ring. :(
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I wonder if they will do a legacy with the current innas and nats...

This would screw over ALOT of monks who went nats 2 set for the crit when they could have gone ice climbers and a gg ring.
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02/02/2013 08:35 AMPosted by Vanguard
This would screw over ALOT of monks who went nats 2 set for the crit when they could have gone ice climbers and a gg ring.

like me!
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I bet they will be adding new, more balanced set bonuses. Which still screw people with current Nats who are not DHs.
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You guys really think they'd just suddenly change this without any sort of warning? I would love it if they did fix our bonuses, but I've learned in the past 2-3 weeks not to hope for, well, anything.
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I will be upset if they nerf the nat set.... which I spent decent money to get...
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