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games freezes

my game and character keep freezing . started after i joined a public game for a while. then i went back to solo play and it freezes in act 2 and i have died everytime i am in contact with any monsters at all. i am level 19 demon hunter. any advice???
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Is your system meeting the minimal requirements? What kind of FPS you getting? If you are unaware, you can use a third party program like fraps to find out. From the limited info you are sharing there, kinda sounds like your system is having a hard time keeping up.
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Ctrl + R for FPS
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i bought a new laptop and installed the d3 disk. then the laptop started making noise so i got a new one. pretty high end not a gamer but good. i didnt have the install disk so i installed from the site because i already had an account. i was having problems killing the butcher. i am demon hunter level 19 so i went into public and asked for help to kill him. someone helped me and now i am in act 2 and thats when it started freezing. i try to go on and my templer stops and the game freezes.
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02/05/2013 07:12 AMPosted by Enigma
Ctrl + R for FPS

I knew there was a way to do that, but I never bothered to look it up.

Thanks for the info!!
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02/05/2013 07:22 AMPosted by colonn
i bought a new laptop and installed the d3 disk. then the laptop started making noise so i got a new one. pretty high end not a gamer but good.

Thats rich!!
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What is the make and model of the laptop. If it is not designed for gaming then it will certainly not meet the minimum req to play the game. Laptop graphic cards suck. Even ones that are designed for gaming. I have a laptop with an older nvidia gs 120m which can play WOW on lowest graphic settings at 45 fps. It gets 15 fps on d3 with no monsters on the screen. As soon as the action starts it totally chokes and drops to less than 5 fps. My newer laptop with an AMD radeon 5870 gets 60 fps but on the lowest graphic settings. The desktop version of this card is comparable to the gtx 460 which can max this game at 1920 x 1080. Bottom line....laptops suck to play games on unless you paid $2000 for it.
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it's hp but the thing is that i never had a problem before. it worked great in act 1 when i played solo. then when i got help and went to act 2 thats when all the stuff started. but with the new laptop i didnt have the original disk i bought so i downloaded. would that make a difference. i already uninstalled it and am installing it again. i know the graphic arent great. but i paid 600 instead of the 1000 for the one with the great graphics. its a pretty powerful one. i know its not a gamer laptop but i am so digusted with the game that i dont want to play anymore and i loved playing.
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