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SNS/CM wiz is def. OP. Loving it even more.

Everyone missed the point of the thread. He just wanted to say that WD sucks compared to Wizards.
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I should think the equivalent of a cm wiz is a zero dog wd. both are expensive to build well. but OP when done well
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not to flog a dead horse because nothing i have to say is new, but i have levelled a monk and WD to level 60 over the last while, with the WD the last few days. the monk can keep up with the sns wiz in damage output and MP level (both can handle MP10, but it takes a while to kill elites due to only mid-tier gear). my WD definately has difficulty with reflect damage/elec mobs, and scales below MP6.

as an i did manage to almost get an infinite bear build by using blood ritual and spiritual attunement and having - zombie charger gear, and it is nice to see 400k crits, but things do die much slower. it was not enjoyable going past MP6.
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Balanced wd is pretty decent at mp7/8 range, 1.2 aps weapon, -bears cost on all possible slots, and you don't use any other damage skills.
But to be objective here, cm wizard is better. Ask youself again, what is better than cm wizard? You have ability to perma stun elitepack, very high damage multiplier on top. Constancy that comes from perma stunning makes most difference. What is biggest problem of all builds (especially bear wd) on higher mp? Ranged elites that run away. Every class except wizard is losing dps vs it. If ranged annoying AI elites start running each in opposite direction, on high enough mp that you can't burst them down in 3s, you lose a lot of time there. Even godly barbs, chase occultists down with hota, one by one. Try to hit them with cluster bomb or spike traps as dh. Bears are probably hardest spell to aim vs enemies like that.
Wizard basically grabs entire pack from first second of a fight, and they cannot move from that point, getting full dps in the face, whole elitepack is being damaged equally, all rare affixes they had are cancelled by perma stun mechanics of cm wizard. That makes wizard not only better than wd for highest mp, but imo better than any other class, because there is just no affix combo on elites that can increase duration of fight, it is all about their hp, nothing is random.

Think of it this way, if blizzard introduced MP11, hp x10, damage x10, monster speed x10. Wizards who hit perma stun breakpoint could farm something like that easily.. while other classes would stand no chance, no matter that build they use. This is how broken perma stun is.
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I have 0 dog build, bear build, SB build and even 0 pileon build for WD.
Now I just got my CM Wiz working ok in mp 10.
When there is one CM wiz around, I pull out my WD.
CM Wiz, perm freeze everything, can give excellent group support and high survivability.
WD can buff up dps raise the efficiency of the group.

My WW Barb, monk, cm Wiz and WD all survive well in mp 10...
To be honest, to do solo mp 10, WD may not be my choice.
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