Diablo® III

Switched from DH. Welcome to Struggle Street.

Battling a lot to even do mp3 in act 1 ! Didn't think I was that under geared. Clean up trash mobs easy as, but as a monk I am really noticing the affixes of the elite packs!

Any tips on improving my build/gear?? Im currently looking at getting a butchers with Damage to Life.

700 Resist all with passive.


4.7k armour.

Found mp5 easy as on the DH, with similar budget. Looking for some advice for a newbie!

Thanks :D
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Your armor and res are good.

Your HP is low for high MPs. Shoot for 45K at least. I prefer to have a litttle more EHP than most so on my uber/key gear I'm at 80K+HP. I think my profile is showing my farm gear currently.

Your sustain won't work for higher MPs. The life on kill is great for farming, but just won't get it done if it takes more than a couple shots to kill stuff. I would suggest getting some LoH and some more LPS.

I'm in my farming gear currently, but to give you an idea what you'll need I'll list some stats from my other gear. My sustain is 3% LS, 1500 LoH, 800 LPS. I can run MP10 in my uber/key farm gear.

Drop MoC-Reclamation for MoC-Overawe. Reclaim just doesn't give you enough LoH to pick it over the extra LS you get from spamming Overawe. Also change out the passive Sixth Sense. Guardian's Path would be better if you want more dodge. Resolve, Fleet footed, Transcendence,... Well basically anything else would be more helpful.
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i usually don't answer with specifics because i'm a newb, however, I think your issue is that you don't have enough sustain for your level of DPS.
Only 3% life steal at 70k dps isn't enough.
You will need to supplement that with some LoH or other form of sustain.

You can also try to change your mantra to a more defensive mantra, MoH, or MoE.

Personally, i think a monks CC needs to be over 33%. Especially for cyclones to be effective. You will be in a world of happiness once you start spawning dozens of cyclones all over the screen :) IT will help your sustain and EDPS.


Here is a list of gearing guides and other info that may help you.
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Hey Kamel add my guide to your list :D
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I think Id look at getting a good Inna's Radiance if I were you. That Mempo isnt doing you any favors. A good Innas will give you Dex, Vit, AR + your stacked res, and CC.

Not to mention the fact that you would then have the 4 piece Inna's so SW would cost you next to nothing.
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You have too much resist tied up on slots that should be prioritizing DPS stats (gloves, ring, ammy).

Your pants, boots and belt are poorly rolled which is part of the issue, but you could honestly drop 50 resist and be fine, too.

edit: I disagree with yumyum above me about needing to go sword and board and needing to move from LS to LoH.

Most people who use the generic cookie cutter build are going to do at least 7x more effective dps than their paper DPS. So your 70k dps is more like 490k Edps, which means you're generating 2900 life per second from it.

If you can get your DPS up by rearranging your gear a little bit, this number will go up. LoH is a step backwards, imo.
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02/01/2013 05:28 AMPosted by FuzzyWuzzy
Hey Kamel add my guide to your list :D

OMG are you spamming me?
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Yea, and I'm sure he'll have a ton of fun at 50k dps #rollseyes

Ok, so, taking your advice, we'll give him a shield and a sword. This places his attack speed at 1.75.

Using these two posts as the basis of the following math:

"FoT gives you an extra 1.5x attack speed and generates 375% LoH every 3 punches
So 1.75*1.5*3.75/3 = 328% LoH per second."

So 900 LoH is 328 * 9 = 2952 life per second.

Shockingly enough, this figure is just about equal to his current amount of sustain, of ~2940.

So ummm ... yea.
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02/01/2013 08:24 AMPosted by yumyumyum
i always heard oh all you need is 100k paper dps and you can step up to the big leagues and go life steal.

You can do it fine at 50K. At about 70K is where you can't get more life for a LoH weapon than a LS weapon (barring a very fast weapon and very high +IAS gear). At 100K, it isn't even close anymore.

i went well over 100k dps dual wielding 2 1-handers with crit damage, open socket and life steal. i ended up getting about 5.0 life steal and i could barely dp mp7 a2

The reason you are surviving better isn't because you have LoH instead of LS. It's because you have a shield that gives you 140 resists and 1300 armor. A 3% LS weapon would give you roughly the same amount of life per second that you have now, maybe more. As you add DPS, more and more LS will become the better option for you.

From personal experience, with sufficient armor and resists on your other gear, I can tell you that 5% LS and 500 LoH is enough to play on any MP at my Monk's current DPS (a little over 100K). My weapons didn't cost 470M, either. I've never seen that kind of gold. Probably spent about 15M on both weapons together.

02/01/2013 08:24 AMPosted by yumyumyum
so i will have to put a big disagree on this one, LS isnt the answer unless you're doing 200k+ paper dps raw unbuffed

It's the answer much, much sooner than that, bro. Not a requirement by any stretch. You can survive on mid MP with any form of sustain. But even 80K DPS, LS is the most effective form of healing.
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your gear is fine, it's your weapons that's causing you issues. you need life on hit, the life steal isn't going to cut it, you dont have enough DPS. instead do this:

I dunno. When I came back a couple months ago, my dps was around his and thats when I made the switch from LOH to LS (I had 3% too) and it felt WAY better.

As far as upgrade suggestions go OP, heres a few to maybe start with:

-mempo with cold res instead of int
-dex+os EF with 0.25 aps
-reflection with cold res instead of light res
-offhand with black damage (more useful while you still use favor)

Those ^ four things shouldn't run you more than 1-5m per, which is decently cheap considering. After that the upgrades will start costing in the 5-20m range most likely. A couple good spots to start for with that type of budgeting in mind:

-chest+pants with vit instead of AR (item budget wise, its better to get vit on VE and temperance)
-footprints with more 70-100 more dex
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What are you talking about?

If he goes your route he will have the exact same amount of sustain as he currently has.
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Sorry, LS is > LoH

In addition, LS will continue to scale, and outscale LoH. The only way LoH scales is if you add more LoH or attack faster. If you're adding IAS to current stats, you're also increasing your LS, depending on values LS will still track nicely. Any other change will leave LoH unchanged.

There was a great deal of discussion on LPS, LoH, LS and how each compared. It would be far more valuable for the OP to examine that, while at the same time, thinking beyond just what his/her gear is at the moment, and what it will be in the future.

The information should be very accurate now, with the help of others who contributed in that thread.


OP should look at that if confused about LS/LoH values. Additionally so should you Yumyum, not for correction but better understanding, to either build the validity of your argument or... correct.

Yum also while I understand and agree that you can do the following:
me, im different. i like to farm elites and ubers in mp7-10. i do that all day and night long when im not working and i have the elite kill count and a stash full of hellfire rings to prove it.

I believe this is more a factor of being patient, and that the recommendations being offered are to accomplish a goal of mp7-10 but at a greater efficiency.
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ok time to put up or shut up.

In fact, Dub, add me in game yumyumyum#1893

i'll give you my old sword and board completely free of charge and we can farm a bit in mp4 and see if I'm right about you surviving. If im wrong, i'll give you in addition to the sword and board, 5M gold for you to buy whatever you want.

1. It is easier to survive in a group than it is solo due to defensive mantras. Case in point, I was easily able to complete MP 10 ubers in a group, but surviving them solo was only possible by switching some gems around.

2. If you give him your S&B, he is gaining damage reduction, while you are going to (I assume) be doing more damage than he does normally and will do even with your setup. So he's going to have increased survivability and have you taking care of the damage factor.

I guarantee you that I could run him through MP 4 and he wouldn't die either, but what would that prove? It'd also be faster with me doing it, since I have almost double your DPS.

I doubt i will need to give you the gold though, in fact i am confident you will come back here and tell others how much fun you're having with you monk now. cuz let's face it, dying is no fun. it's embarrasing and pathetic. dont matter if you have 1 milltion dps, if you die a lot, you're a joke. most people here will theory craft so that they can destroy everything in sight in mp0.

I have soloed Ubers on MP 10 and I often help carry people through ubers on MP 10. How have you fared soloing Ubers on MP 10 with your 80k dps?

me, im different. i like to farm elites and ubers in mp7-10. i do that all day and night long when im not working and i have the elite kill count and a stash full of hellfire rings to prove it.

so add me in game and we'll show these guys how simple a sword and board fix will immediately allow you to farm mp4 comfortably and have fun at the same time. leave the math doing to the nerds lol...

Yes, heaven forbid we provide math and proof that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Then again, I suppose having 80k dps after 50k elite kills is all that needs to be said. You've clearly won this debate.
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well, he said he cant survive in mp3 solo.

how do you think he will survive doing mp4 with me? i dont care how much faster im killing the elites, if he's getting melted in mp3 i guarantee the result will be the same when he jumps in mp4 with me or you using his current gear.

I guarantee that unless he is too slow to use Serenity, he will do MP 4 with me and never die. With his current gear.

im glad you actually acknowledge that the sword and board will gain him dmg mitigation and allow him to survive better. no !@#$ sherlock. that's the main reason why i recommended it to him.

Nobody ever argued with the suggestion of going S&B. People argued with the suggestion that LoH will be better for him than his current LS. Do you remember that? All the math you did? Remember how you said "we're just talking about simple math and it far out shines life steal in your case."?

Remember how people who actually knew what they were talking about then came in and showed you that you were dead wrong?

he said he can t survive, i am providing him a free solution that will allow him to survive. and yes, i am confident he will survive much better with the sword and board i am giving him rather than forcing him to upgrade his gloves, ring, ammy, pants, boots, belt lol how practical is that?

Yes, I suggested he build his monk correctly, so that he's set up better for the long run. Heaven forbid.

On the other hand, you suggested that he ditch his current weapons in favor of a sword & board setup that will not provide any additional life per second and will cost him DPS in favor of EH. How much DPS you ask?

Well I looked for items in the AH that fit the criteria you laid forth. I have no idea what the OP's budget is like, but I set 5 million for my max buyout. I had no idea what # to go with, but since you seem to think replacing gear is abhorrent, I figured that was a relatively reasonable value. You weren't very specific in your reqs for a shield so I just used one that was very cheap (100k) and had all the requirements (161 dex, 9.5% cc).

Without CD as a filter, the best weapon and shield combo available costs the OP 20k damage. That doesn't sound very fun.

With CD as a filter, the best weapon and shield combo available costs the OP 18k damage.

I find it hard to believe going through MP 4-5 with less than 50k damage would be very enjoyable for anyone.

as for all you other comments they dont mean shyte and i didnt spend too much time reading them. i'm more about actions than words. I will be more than happy to jump in a mp10 uber run with you and we will see. you have my tag, feel free to inv me and stream on twitch for the world to see. you're saying your measly 2.9% LS is enough to sustain you in MP10? fine. i will put up 5M gold for you as well. if you dont die one once in our mp10 uber run, i will gladly give you 5M gold and shut up forever in this thread. if you die, you give me 5M gold. deal? i wanna see how your 2.9ls will sustain you, in another words, I dont believe you. i tried it, i know it doesnt work for me, prove me wrong. i'm not saying LS dont work for everyone, there are plenty of 200+ monks out there rocking LS and i am 100% sure they are fine. but you, i dont believe it, prove it. i'm done talking.

Ok, I should be around on Saturday. Though, to be honest, if I have to carry your sorry DPS through MP 10 ubers, I want to bring someone else to help ease the burden. That ok?
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