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Switched from DH. Welcome to Struggle Street.

Haha ok wow alot of help and suggestions! Quite alot to take in.. Will reread and try to take in the information as best I can as there are obviously conflicting arguements.

Cheers guys
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why do you need to bring anyone around? you said you can easily solo mp10. monsters dont hit harder just because i show up, they just take longer to kill. that should have absolutely nothing to do with you surviving with your 2.9 ls. even if i die in ubers, which i doubt it, it will just take you longer to kill. so what if it takes you an extra 5 minutes to kill all 3 ubers, your ability to sustain and heal yourself should remain the same. if you dont die, you get 5M gold from me no questions asked.

I never said I can easily solo mp10. I said I can easily do MP 10 in a group and that it is more difficult to do solo.

You having half my DPS (and it's less than that, since I snapshot) is going to make it more difficult. But whatever, let's try.

it should be with your existing gear and existing skill set, which i have already screen shotted and will verify on saturday. hopefully you will be honest and will not be swapping gear midstream but honestly i have no way to verify that or prove it when you do so i just hope you will stay true to yourself. probably should'nt have said that, but it's better said now than saying it afterwards and looking like a crybaby. but i will be able to tell just by the rate you kill elites and mobs. i will gauge that when we do ubers.

see you saturday.

Um, you mean the gear/skills I was using to try out Nameless's build?


No, I will be wearing my uber gear, thank you.

Request sent though.
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please let us know of the result of your battle lol. I think he was counting on your current build Pif lol.
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lordrhaal's guide to becoming a jedi master is a fantastic starting point to learn more on monk mechanics, skills, and builds that should help considerably at any level of play.

also, regarding to yums posts as others have said, ignore them... I used piffles guide for gearing a monk in addition to a few others and I can easily handle ml 3/4.. 5+ isnt too bad but a lil more difficult for me without using serenity to bypass elite mechanics

the gear I have on my monk now (all of it) only cost me around 10 mill without patience looking for deals.

as others have said as well, use gloves/jewelry/weaps for your main dps stats, innas radiance are insanely cheap and come with guaranteed crit, focus on vit for chest and legs since the max rolls are significantly higher (or life %) and try to get double resists as much as you can.

stay away from most legendaries, as too much survivability is sacrificed for dmg and will make ugrades MUCH easier in the future (making up survivability on ammys/rings/gloves is insanely expensive when coupled with offensive stats) so use shoulders,legs,chest,boots,belt to carry the majority of your survival stats until you can afford the godly trifectas with high resist and vit rolls

lifesteal > loh for everything except generators since proc coefficients are crap on just about everything else.. another thing is, not alot of monks use lpss (life per spirit spent) but im finding it rather useful, especially with my current setup as im able to spam mantra indefinitely every 3 seconds which = about another 2083 lps.. very good considering how cheap it is atm

that information is what ive gathered from monk forum and my limited personal experiences messing with skills and builds (theres alot more help in here too but im on my phone)
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