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Looking for gear/build advice please

I have just recently started playing again this past month and was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on a decent build and gear? I am mostly curious to see if there is anything gear wise i could pick up that would be a significant damage increase or if I have a certain piece that may not be working as well as it should. As far as build goes, I can run mp4 with the archon setup currently, although it has some rough patches if I get a nasty champ pack. Thanks in advance for anyone that is willing to offer some suggestions.
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Hello Valenthor. I'm your friendly neighborhood Archon here to push the glory of Archon wizardry. :)

Q: Why Archon?
A: I'll reference a post I read here before. So you can sit at your desk and yell "Power Overwhelming" while decimating your opponents.

Looking over your gear it looks to me like you're capable of setting up a hybrid or pure Archon build that'll give you rewarding success at MP0 and maybe MP1. With some upgrades you should definitely be able to sustain Archon in MP1.

Gear Upgrades
I think you could benefit from improving gems to start. It's not necessary to upgrade to the top +58 int gems but maybe the +50's all around will give you a nice boost. At this point you would be able to evaluate the Archon playstyle and see if it suits your enjoyment. Remember to yell Power Overwhelming! That multiplies enjoyment by a factor of 10.

From there if you decided that an Archon wizard is what you'd like to focus on then look for a weapon and offhand upgrade (save your Chantodo's set for a CM Offest). You'll want to go for a black weapon with lifesteal (2.5% or more) and an open socket. A high INT roll is nice and depending on budget you can go with something in the 900 DPS range or choose native crit instead of an open socket just to get you started. Additionally look for either a budget Inna's pants or Lacuni Prowler to get your movement speed to 24%.

With a black weapon you'll get an added bonus from your existing Zuni's Trail and Tal's Amulet.

Hope this gets you started. If this is somethign you'd like to try I can give you some ingame pointers on how to effectively sustain Archon.
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Friendly neighborhood CM wiz here.

If you want to be all powerful, read my guide. If you are broke and frustrated, its because you read my guide.

lol. Enjoy.

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Build compendium /sticky contains everything you need to know. In short, for maximum efficiency alkaizer farming route there are cheap high offense-high buff /low defense archon builds, they are best wizz farmers.

Further more you have overall most synergetic CM wizz variants, safe and powerful, great for ubers hunt, high MP play and backing up your friends ih killing ubers. There are fairly good offensive farming variants (SNS) but they are not as fast as archon, although they are more varied and flexible (they can work everywhere unlike archon which requires high monster density)

On the end you have several variants of melee, kite or other builds more appropriate for casual play with friends. Not as efficient or powerful as two above, but can be hell of a fun. I just use electic-illusionist build to relax, it's challenging, powerful and fun wizz build best suited for group play. I do my farming with barb anyway ; )

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thanks to both of you for the suggestions:) I enjoy the archon build and would like to keep it going
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