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Help a newbie gear

Ok so I'm new to Wd and am having a Greta amount of fun. My current gear is not correct but before I go out and drop some gold on gear I want to get it right. I'm lookin for this toon to farm mp0/1 for drops. What gearing choices would some of you high end players make? Also I want to stay away from lacunis and keep tyreals ameor for ms buff. I know his should hve 3 socs but I didn't get that far. Currently running an AC/ZB build And one hitting most white packs. The other thing I have is sever and hoping to get massive stat increase in act 3 with the sever/tyreals DMg increase to demons. Last thing I hve a tal rash chest if anyone want to trade me some wd gear for it. Add me in game. Thanks...so far likin the doc community much more than the whirl and win one...
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Zuni's Trail would give you a big dps increase. Even poorly rolled ones will get you the 2 piece 130 int bonus. Your belt isn't affecting your dps at all. I'd look for one with good int/vit/ar/life%/life regen. Strongarm bracers would be a good upgrade if you don't want to go the lacuni route.

Those are the pieces I'd look for first if I were you. Don't forget to focus on crit chance in every slot you can get it.
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Feel free to add me ingame for some advice : )

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Well I finished inferno and am now grinding act 3 out for paragon levels. Bought a new belt boots and bracers. Rings next? If so how should I prioritize stats?
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