Diablo® III

Some suggestions.

Just my random thoughts, nothing more.


• Add a configurable timestamp to chat.
• Add an option to keep chat logs on the local drive.
• Increase ignore list size to infinite, duh?
• Let players to create their own chat channels with operators / password protection / blackjack
• Add an option to disable incoming friend requests. It will solve the spambots problem.
• Decrease the timeout delay, if it's possible. I mean, when player got failed ISP and gets disconnected every 5-10 minutes - it's necessary to exit current game in time to prevent death. Especially, for hardcore players.


• Increase maximum movement speed capability from 25% to 40%.
• Add an item filter. So that we can ignore the white items.
• Unique monsters should become a lot more powerful than elite packs in my opinion, They should have their own random 4-5 affixes like: fanaticism/conviction aura, increased damage, chance to drop players weapon to the ground, 100% resistance to 1-2 elements, increased lifesteal, ability to temporarily turn off some of your skills, self-reviving, and so on.
• Allow players to bind their items to account. This feature should have some restrictions though, to prevent spamming. For example, some kind of cooldown. The reason? It's just my personal bad experience. Accidentally sold my 80m ring to vendor and forgot to buy it back.


• Decrease gold cost of every item by 50-90%.
• Add LOW LEVEL gems to required components.
• Make all old blacksmith plans like new ones from 1.0.7 (guaranteed main stat for example).
• Add some UNIQUE affixes to every single crafted item. Like it was in Diablo 2. (for example, a quiver with +1 discipline regeneration per second).


• Add "+-dps/+-health/+-defense" to preferred stats to search.


Demon Hunter: reduce hatred cost of Multishot from 30 to 24 (Fire at Will rune - from 15 to 12)


First, and the main suggestion: ALL legendary items should spawn with their random affixes equal to ilvl = 61-63. Even on low difficulties.
• Increase the maximum base attack speed affix on rare (and crafted) quivers to 20%. So it can be a rival to Dead Man's Legacy.
• Add some affixes that can spawn ONLY on rare/blue items. Not on legandaries and crafted ones.
• Blue items should be totally revised. All prefixes and suffixes that can spawn on blue items should have a higher tier than on the rare ones, like it was in Diablo 2. For example, weapons.
+min-max dmg affix should become their AUTO-affix.
add 2 socket tier to "socketed" prefix.
at the moment, both crit dmg and socket affixes are PREFIXES. This is totally wrong. Crit dmg should become a suffix.
increase the maximum critical damage on blue 2-handed xbows from 100% to 150%.
So we can find a valuable gun that will look like:

Socketed Hellion Crossbow of Confession
1487.70 damage per second
+325 minimum damage
+284 maximum damage
critical hit damage increased by 148%
• empty socket
• empty socket


Andariel's Visage: Add a 2-3% lifesteal to it. D2 andy has a lifesteal and it was a great helm, especially for merks. And increase the poison resist to 100-150. In this case this helm will be a rival to Mempo.
Giant Skull: Increase the knockback chance to 30-40%. Change the random str affix to random 200-230 str/dex/int affix. And add a chance to spawn with 2 sockets. Again, d2 2-socketed giant skull was awesome.
Magefist: Increase attack speed from 3-4% to 6-9%.
Pendergrasps: increase the anticontrol affix to 25-30%.
Stone Gauntlets: Increase the stun chance to 10-15%. Add +2 random affixes.
Gladiator Gauntlets: Add +2 random affixes.
Frostburn Gauntlets: Add 3 random affixes. Add +100-150 str/int/dex affix. Add a random affix with "Increases maximum spirit/mana/arcanepower/hatred/discipline/fury by 25-40%.
String of Ears: Increase allres affix from 11-20 to 50-70. Add "Reduced damage from elites by 10-20%".
Swamp Land Waders: Increase anticontrol affix to 25-30%. Add 100-150 str/int/dex affix. Add +2 random affixes.
Gehennas: Add "Absorbs fire damage by 10-15%".
Firewalkers: Increase fire resistance to 100-200.
Xephirian Amulet: Add +1 random affix.
Stone of Jordan: Add +2 random affixes.
Oculus Ring: Add +2 random affixes.
Hierophant's Seal: Add +2 random affixes.
Band of Hollow Whispers: Add +3 random affixes. Increase ranged damage reduction from 4% to 4-9%.
Eternal Union: Add +1 random affix. Increase melee damage reduction from 3-4% to 5-9%.
Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band: Add +2 random affixes.
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac: Add +4 random affixes. Replace "Ignores Durability Loss" with "Regenerates 0.05-0.1 Durability of All Gear Per Second".
Justice Lantern: Add +2 random affixes. Increase anticontrol affix from 7-8% to 15-25%.
Puzzle Ring: Add +4 random affixes. Increase pickup radius from 6 to 14-20. Increase str/int/dex affix from 82-91 to 100-120.
Broken Promises: Replace "Melee attackers take 13–22 damage per hit" with "Melee attackers take 5-15% of their damage per hit". This damage should ignore armor+allres. Increase chance to fear from 1.0-2.5% to 10-15%.
Band of Untold Secrets: Add +2 random affixes. Increase movement speed from 10-11% to 11-16%.
Nagelring: Increase magic find from 20-30% to 50-80%. This affix should ignore the maximum mf cap (300). Add +4 random affixes.
Stolen Ring: Add +1 random affix. Increase gold find from 9-10% to 30-50%. This affix should ignore the maximum gold find cap aswell.
Leoric's Signet: Add +3 random affixes.
Ivory Tower: Increase base armor from 860-959 to 986-1337. Increase melee damage reduction from 4% to 15-20%. Add +2 random affixes. Decrease drop chance of it.
Lidless Wall: Increase attack speed from 6-7% to 15-20%. Increase all resistances from 21-30 to 50-80. Add +2 random affixes.
Okay, abit tired here. I think, it's easy to tweak every single item that way to make them useful and valuable. Again, like it was in Diablo 2.
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good ideas
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To starved for one guy.
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Good list.
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