Diablo® III

Free Player-Donated Legendaries

====New Thread Started===

What its about:
This thread is for well farmed players to give any unwanted legends to newer players who still don't have the budget to buy high quality gear.

How it works:
If you want to donate, you can either post a list of the items you have here and I will update the OP to include your list OR you can add me and give me the items to hold (assuming I have space) and I'll list them here.

Edit Edit (redux): I'm having trouble keeping up with the donations. I'd like to name the donors but I keep getting backlogged and forgetting who donated what. I apologize if you've donated something but aren't named as the donor.

Edit: Wow! Lots of generosity here. I'm actually getting a bit flooded with legends! A few of the legends are a bit too low end to be of any use to anyone, however, (Nailbiters, Gavels, Balecasters, etc.) and since my space is getting scarce, I'd like to request that donors skip any items of dubious usability.

Also, spread the word! If you see an undergeared player of any class in a pub game or if you know anyone who could benefit from some of the items here, please point them to this thread so I can keep this stuff moving. :)

If you want one or more of these items you should:
1. Post here stating which item(s) you are interested in so that everybody knows which items have a claim on them and which are still available.
2. Add me in-game (atgowtwt#1159) within a day or so of requesting an item.
I'm on pretty often and at various times, so it shouldn't take too long to meet up in-game after that.

Items that have a claim on them will be underlined. After they have been delivered, they will be removed from the list. If a player is too slow in contacting me in-game after requesting an item (say 1-2 days), I will remove the claim on that item. Items donated by other players will have the donor's name in brackets after the item listing.

Items with asterisks in front of the name are reserved for people who really need them (i.e. people who are breaking into inferno for the first time). This is subjective on my part so if you aren't sure if you qualify, don't hesitate to ask. I probably will also limit the number of these items to go to a single player to just 1 or 2 so that there is enough to go around.

Finally, not all of the gear is wizard oriented. I have several items that are better suited to or only usable by other classes as well, so feel free to let any non-wizard friends know about this thread, too.

The Items

Wizard Only:

Dark Mage Shade: 295armor, 260int, 51vit, 3CC, 6PUR, 10CrowdCtrl, 4RoFCC [?]
Storm Crow: 398armor, 8litDmg, 95str, 96dex, 90int, 95vit, 33psnRes, 401LoH, 9APoC, 4eliteDmg, 29% fireball [JackStraw]
StormCrow: 372armor, 7litDmg, 90str, 99dex, 99int, 96vit, 52arcnRes, 435LoH, 10APoC, 4eliteDmg, 35%fireball [returned]
Storm Crow: 394armor, 7litDmg, 95str, 94dex, 97int, 96vit, 40coldRes, 413LoH, 9APoC, 3eliteDmg, 28%fireball
*Storm Crow: 406armor, 8litDmg, 96str, 90dex, 93int, 91vit, 383LoH, 3.5CC, 10APoC, 4eliteDmg, 35%fireball [yems]

Fragment of Destiny: 832.5dps, 1.47aps, 17coldSkills, 24fireSkills, 24litSkills, 114int, 5IAS, 17SpectralBladeDmg
Chantodo's: 976.9dps, 1.65aps, 176int, 1427LaK, 10APoC
Chantodo's: 1035.2dps, 1.62aps, 175int, APoC, 1.5fear [Vitamins]
Chantodo's: 1009.1dps, 1.64aps, 186int, 10APoC [?]
*Chantodo's: 1103.7dps, 1.65aps, 174int, 104vit, 9APoC [akraclove]
Slorak's: 905.5dps, 1.54aps, 196int, 10IAS, 87CHD, 2EnergyTwisterCC, hahahaUdieded

Triumvirate: 95.5avgDmg, 5/6/5elemDmg, 151int, 13maxAP, 1073thorns, 8cc [pichapiegal]
Triumvirate: 144.5avgDmg, 6/5/6elemDmg, 112str, 156int, 13maxAP, 8CC
Tal Rasha's: 159.5avgDmg, 102str, 194int, 36vit, 9.5CC, 9APoC, 7232Globes, 5ArcnOrbCC [Benny]
Tal Rasha's: 204avgDmg, 175int, 165dex, 9CC, 9 APOC, 1OS [ChangBooster]
Tal Rasha's: 199.5avgDmg, 195dex, 190int, 9CC, 10APoC, 4877Globes, 7SpectralBladeDmg [?]
Tal Rasha's: 180.5avgDmg, 174int, 13GF, 117regen, 9.5CC, 10APoC, 10SpectralBladesDmg [Edwarrior]
Tal Rasha's: 184.5avgDmg, 106str, 184int, 9maxAP, 9CC, 9APoC, 9ShockPulseDmg [?}
Oculus: 271avgDmg, 175dex, 190int, 10CC, 9APoC, 5eliteDmg, -4TeleportCD, 2BlizzardD [Edwarrior]
Oculus: 172avgDmg, 195int, 9maxAP, 9CC, 10APoC, 3eliteDmg, -2TeleportCD, 4ArcaneOrbCC [?]
Oculus: 209avgDmg, 108dex, 172int, 9CC, 10APoC, 5eliteDmg, -2TeleportCD, 11ShockPulseDmg [?]
*Chantodo's: 246avgDmg, 172int, 9IAS, 135regen, 14maxAP, 9.5CC, 8SpectralBladesDmg [pichapie]

Monk Only:

Shenlong's Fist of Legend: 762.7dps, 1.4aps, 199dex, 155vit, 68CHD, 41.4lifePerSpirit [akraclove]
Won Khim Lau: 665dps, 1.4aps, 6litDmg, 17litSkills, 235dex, 93int, 1OS [AgentX]
Fist of Az'turrasq 799 DPS, 186 Dex, 1.54AS, 1.95 Spirit Regen, 5.1% Stun on hit [Jester]

Inna's Reach: 1363.9dps, 1.21aps, 320dex, 192int, 10IAS, -2LashingTail [?]
Flying Dragon: 1214.5dps, 1.1aps, 163str, 445dex, 115CHD, -2LashingTail, chance to double aps [?]

Spirit Stones:
Inna's: 391armor, 138dex, 70vit, 38psnRes, 89regen, 6CC, 1OS [akraclove]
Inna's: 400armor, 68str, 177dex, 50vit, 44coldRes, 6CC, 1OS
Inna's: 559armor, 179dex, 87int, 34vit, 6CC, 1OS
Inna's: 393armor, 165dex, 69vit, 32AR, 187regen, 5.5CC, 1OS

Demon Hunter Only:

Dead Man's Legacy: 185dex, 183vit, 15IAS, 1.25hatredRegen, 9.5CC, 1.6blind, 5multishotCC [pichapiegal]
Dead Man's Legacy 191 Str, 177 Dex, 170 Vit, 18% IAS, 1.25 Hatred/sec, 9.5% CHC, +11% dmg Entangling Shot [Jester]

Hand Crossbows
Dawn: 999.3dps, 1.74aps, 167dex, 111vit, 9ias, 583LoH, 1.7stun
Danetta's Spite: 832.8dps, 1.6aps, 193dex, 70CHD, 1.3hatredRegen, 9maxDiscipline
Danetta's Revenge: 876.7dps, 1.6aps, 55str, 184dex, 84vit, 841LoH, 1.33hatredRegen
Calamity: 934.6dps, 1.78aps, 11IAS, 86CHD, 1.23hatredRegen, 35%MarkedForDeath, 1OS

The Inquisitor: 364armor, 99dex, 166vit, 75AR 289regen, 12MS, 3strafeCC [WigglyWack]

Witch Doctor Only:

Voodoo Masks
Zuni's: 373armor, 148int, 33vit, 11%life, 55PhysRes, 123maxMana, 1OS [QHTran]
Visage of Giyua: 394armor, 91int, 87vit, 78AR, 12manaRegen, -12Firebats, 1OS [akraclove]
Visage of Giyua: 413armor, 67str, 179int, 80AR, 12manaRegen, +7%LocustDmg, 1OS [QHTran]
Zuni's: 386armor, 185int, 61vit, 34fireRes, 11%life, 145maxMana, 1OS [akraclove]

Uhkapian Serpent: 165.5avgDmg, 182int, 9%life, 9manaRegen, 9.5cc, 5eliteDmg, 11corpseSpiderDmg [pichapiegal]
Thing of the Deep: 90.5avgDmg, 167int, 9%life, 117maxMana, 10manaRegen, 8.5CC, 20PUR, 1OS [AgentX]
Thing of the Deep: 147avgDmg, 116str, 137dex, 156int, 116maxMana, 10manaRegen, 8CC, 20PUR [JackStraw]
Thing of the Deep: 133avgDmg, 150str, 190int, 95vit, 114maxMana, 11manaRegen, 8.5CC, 20PUR[cant remember]
Thing of the Deep: 148avgDmg, 177str, 159int, 107maxMana, 10manaRegen, 8CC, 20PUR, 1OS [pichapie]
Manajuma's:175.5avgDmg, 129dex, 279int, 10%life, 14manaRegen, 1.1fear, -7zombieCharger [akraclove]

Ceremonial Knives:
Manajuma's: 921.7dps, 1.4aps, 196int, 95CHD, 94maxMana, 2.8LS [akraclove]
Last Breath: 809.7dps, 1.4aps, 191int, 444regen, 11HauntDmg, -14MassConfusionCD, Enemies RIPieces, 1OS [akraclove]

Barbarian Only:

Mighty Belts:
Lamentation: 500armor, 177str, 51arcnRes, 3LS, 1CC, 10%cleaveDmg
Lamentation: 340armor, 176str, 43AR, 18MF, 3LS, 1CC, -3Rend
IK Binding: 355armor, 170str, 80AR, 17MF, 15maxFury, 2.8LS, 2RevengeCC [?]
IK Binding: 363armor, 178str, 77AR, 11MF, 14maxFury, 3.0LS, 8FrenzyDmg
IK Binding: 347armor, 172str, 72AR, 5%life, 15maxFury, 2.9LS, 3RevengeCC [Playerzedge]
Immortal King's Tribal Binding 328 Armor, 91Str, 78AR, 16%MF, +15 Max Fury, 3% LS, Weapon Throw reduced by 4 fury [Jester]

Mighty Weapons:
IK Boulder Breaker: 1390.5dps, 1.11aps, 312str, 198dex, 11IAS, indestructible, 7SeismicSlamCC
IK Boulder Breaker: 1432.6dps, 1.11aps, 323str, 165dex, 11IAS, indestructible, 7WhirlwindCC
Bul-Kathos's Warrior Blood: 866.5dps, 1.3aps, 199str, 77CHD, 14maxFury, 3eliteDmg

All Classes:

BlackThorne's: 413armor, 84str, 66int, 176vit, 79AR, -5rangeDmg, 3OS
*IK Reign: 801armor, 134str, 53vit, 49physRes, 73AR, 3OS [pichapie]
*Blackthorne's: 828armor, 85str, 189vit, 75AR, -6rangedDmg, 3OS [BMoody88]
*Zuni's: 674armor, 95str, 168int, 58vit, 72AR, 3OS [pichapie]
Zuni's: 408armor, 140int, 35vit, 77AR, 4%life, 209regen, 3OS [Wolfz2384]
*Tal Rasha's: 720armor, 188int, 94vit, 49physRes, 8IAS, 3OS [yems]
Tal Rasha's: 431armor, 78str, 148int, 202vit, 8IAS, 3OS
Tal Rasha's: 442armor, 136int, 105vit, 8IAS, 19GF, 3OS [pichapie]
*Tal Rasha's: 820armor, 179int, 84vit, 9IAS, 356thorns, 3OS [Edwarrior]
*Tal Rasha's: 735armor, 198int, 79vit, 8IAS, 55regen, 3OS [pichapie]
Tal Rasha's: 407armor, 175int, 182vit, 8IAS, 19GF, 3OS [Wolfz2384]

Vile Ward: 658armor, 185dex, 45coldRes, 74AR, 14GF, 328regen
Vile Ward: 644armor, 170dex, 66int, 32coldRes, 75AR, 275regen
Vile Ward: 645armor, 179str, 50coldRes, 77AR, 275regen 324thorns [SCR26]
Vile Ward: 611armor, 176str, 26psnRes, 75AR, 251regen, 268thorns [Liquid]
Vile Ward: 642armor, 170str, 54physRes, 80AR, 258regen, 18MF [Liquid]
Vile Ward: 638armor, 195int, 38arcnRes, 78AR, 309regen, 15MF [Edwarrior]
Vile Ward: 631 armor, 188int, 74 vit, 40arcaneRes, 78AR, 325regen [hkbdg]
Vile Ward:615 armor, 196int, 88 vit, 28arcaneRes, 77AR, 337regen [hkbdg]
Vile Ward: 642 armor, 185int, 94 vit, 74AR, 248regen, 679thorns [hkbdg]
Vile Ward: 633 armor, 31 str, 217int, 39arcaneRes, 74AR, 286regen [hkbdg]
Vile Ward: 634 armor, 172int,73AR, 10% life, 283regen, 124thorns [hkbdg]
Vile Ward: 627 armor, 173dex,78AR, 11% life, 17%GF, 297regen [hkbdg]
Vile Ward: 646 armor, 193str, 191int, 38vit, 73AR, 335regen [hkbdg]

*Blackthorne's: 650armor, 130str, 92dex, 90int, 142vit, 429LoH, 10%life, 20MF [pichapie]
Blackthorne's: 686armor, 91str, 91dex, 96int, 96vit, 397LoH, 11%life, 19MF, 3slow [pichapie]
Blackthorne's: 429armor, 95str, 91dex, 95int, 90vit, 54AR, 452LoH, 10%lfie, 19MF, indestructible [???]
BlackThorne's: 741armor, 143str, 136dex, 94int, 97vit, 332LoH, 12%life, 20MF [Dante]
Depth Diggers: 604armor, 198str, 55physRes, 77AR, 24GF, 19MF [Lux]

Firewalkers 305 Armor, 169 Dex, 49 Fire Res, 57 AR, 15% MF, 12% MS, 4% Melee dmg reduction [Jester]
Blackthorne's: 607armor, 79str, 57litRes, 336regen, 12MS, -7eliteDmg [ChopperTech]
Blackthorne's: 584armor, 100str, 43coldRes, 320regen, 12MS, -6eliteDmg
Natalya's: 575armor, 81str, 93dex, 74AR, 12MS, -6meleeDmg [pichapie]
Nat's Bloody Footprints 576 Armor 95 Dex 86 Int 72AR 12% MS 6% Dmg red [Jester]
*Natalya's: 579armor, 42str, 90dex, 47int, 80AR, 12MS, -5meleeDmg [pichapie]
Zuni's: 342armor, 7psnDmg, 161int, 137vit, 51psnRes, 12MS [pichapie]
Zuni's: 351armor, 8psnDmg, 179int, 44vit, 47coldRes, 12MS, 3075globes [Wolfz2384]
Zuni's: 345armor, 7psnDmg, 124dex, 192int, 64vit, 28arcnRes, 12MS [Wolfz2384]
Zuni's Trail 313 Armor 8% Poison 153 Dex 124 Int 49 Vit 12%MS [Jester]
*Ice Climbers: 340armor, 104str, 32dex, 179int, 77vit, 76AR, 11%life, -7coldDmg, 1OS [pichapie]
*Ice Climbers: 315armor, 192str, 86dex, 156int, 37fireRes, 71AR, 10%life, -9coldDmg, 1OS [pichapie]
*Ice Climbers: 351armor, 178int, 75vit, 31fireRes, 72AR, 11%life, -8coldDmg, 3.1immobilize, 1OS [pichapie]
Ice Climbers: 328armor, 82str, 176int, 39fireRes, 77AR, 12%life, 11MF, -7coldDmg, 1OS [pichapie]
Ice Climbers: 416armor, 193int, 50fireRes, 77AR, 12%life, 83regen, -9coldDmg, 1OS [Dante]

Gladiator Gauntlets: 464armor, 192LoH, 6%life, 33CHD, 7CC, 11crowdCtrl
Gladiator Gauntlets: 465armor, 160LoH, 7%life, 43CHD, 7CC, 12crowdCtrl
Frostburn Gauntlets: 516armor, 6coldDmg, 30coldSkills, 5214Globes, 7PUR [Yems]
Frostburn Gauntlets: 529armor, 6coldDmg, 30coldSkills, 5262Globes, 7PUR
Tasker/Theo: 573armor, 50str, 49dex, 47int, 47vit, 46litRes, 8IAS, 5PUR, 1OS [Yems]
IK Irons: 488armor, 98str, 58int, 57vit, 236regen, 10CC, -6meleeDmg [AgentX]
IK Irons: 349armor, 97str, 41psnRes, 21GF, 309regen, 10CC, -6meleeDmg
Immortal King's Irons 326 Armor, 94Str, 30 LightRes, 15%GF, 274 Life Regen, 9% CHC, 6% Melee dmg reduction [Jester]
Tasker/Theo: 577armor, 42str, 40dex, 44int, 40vit, 50physRes, 9IAS, 21CHD, 1OS [yems]

Andariel's Visage: 385armor, 163str, 47psnRes, 8IAS, 171regen, 4.5CC, 17%fireWeakness, 25%psnNova, 1OS [akraclove]
Andariel's Visage: 365armor, 183int, 75vit, 50psnRes, 9IAS, 194regen, 4.5CC, 21%fireWeakness, 32%psnNova [?]
Andariel's Visage: 375armor, 169int, 50psnRes, 9IAS, 6%life, 199regen, 4.5CC, 16%fireWeakness, 30%psnNova [yems]
Andariel's Visage: 389armor, 151int, 73vit, 48psnRes, 8IAS, 178regen, 4.5CC, 8%fireWeakness, 22%psnNova [pichapie]
Andariel's Visage: 381armor, 162str, 49psnREs, 8IAS, 229regen, 4.5CC, 1895globes, 14%fireWeakness, 40%psnNova [Liquid]
Tal Rasha's: 444armor, 192int, 26coldRes, 10%life, 6CC, 13crowdCtrl, 1OS [Hygeia]
*IK Triumph: 530armor, 183str, 12%life, 5CC, -6meleeDmg, 1OS
*Mempo: 651armor, 191int, 71AR, 8IAS, 11%life, 1OS [pichapie]
*Mempo: 437armor, 188int, 72AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 10crowdCtrl, 1OS [Liquid]
Mempo: 407armor, 187int, 42coldRes, 74AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1OS [Liquid]
*Mempo: 423armor, 182str, 46litRes, 72AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1OS [Liquid]
*Mempo 625 Armor 175 Int 9% IAS 11% Life 1 OS [Jester]

Strongarm: 445armor, 243str, 36int, 8%life, 4.5CC, 1.6knockback [AgentX]
Lacuni: 228armor, 81str, 92vit, 49litRes, 8IAS, 12MS, 1416thorns [ChangBooster]
Lacuni: 250armor, 69str, 123dex, 9IAS, 16MF, 12MS, 1129thorns
Lacuni: 231armor, 48str, 77int, 126vit, 9IAS, 12MS, 1196thorns [?]
*Lacuni: 235armor, 8IAS, 12MS, 1449thorns, 3CC, 2370globes, -4meleeDmg [pichapie]
*Lacuni: 243armor, 79vit, 36litRes, 9IAS, 12MS, 1132thorns, 4CC
Lacuni Prowlers 237 Armor, 9%IAS, 42St, 72Dex, 48 Phy Res, 12%MS, Thorns 997, 3,958 health globe bonus [Jester]

1H Weapons:
Burning Axe of Sankis: 916.5dps, 1.3aps, 5fireDmg, 23%fireSkills, 49fireRes, 553LoH, chance to ignore pain
Echoing Fury: 914.9dps, 1.42aps, 195dex, 152int, 2.3LS, 16.5fear [Liquid]
Echoing Fury: 1097.5dps, 1.45aps, 51dex, 244int, 176vit, 17.4fear [yems]
Sever: 797.7dps, 1.4aps, 159vit, 22demonDmg, 1CC, RIP [cant remember]
Wizardspike: 871.6dps, 1.66aps, 78AR, 11ias, 9APoC, indestructible, 35%frozenOrb [JackStraw]
300th Spear: 960.5dps, 1.2aps, 121str, 12MS, -3meleeDmg, 43AncientSpearDmg, 36WeaponThrowDmg, 1OS
Butcher's Sickle: 852.7dps, 1.3aps, 99int, 53vit, 55CHD, 2.5LS, 21%PudgeHook [AgentX]
Butcher's Sickle: 747.1dps, 1.3aps, 134int, 51CHD, 2.5LS, 25%PudgeHook, 1OS
Bucther's Sickle: 913dps, 1.3aps, 116str, 120dex, 55CHD, 2.6LS, 23%PudgeHook
Sun Keeper: 822.4dps, 1.2aps, 297dex, 57int, 43MF, 2.7LS, 6eliteDmg [akraclove]
Sun Keeper: 942.4dps, 1.2aps, 48str, 200int, 51vit, 399LoH, 42MF, 9eliteDmg
Sun Keeper: 989.2dps, 1.2aps, 178dex, 41MF, 6eliteDmg, 1OS

2H Melee:
Sledge of Athskeleng: 1281.6dps, 0.9aps, 220int, 1187LoH, 12MS, 1OS [?]
Schaefer's Hammer: 1034dps, 1aps, 8litDmg, 17litSkills, 180int, 59litRes, 11ias, 16%life, 34litShield
Skorn: 1229.8dps, 1aps, 340int, 192CHD, 95.5bleed(6462-9141), indestructible, 1OS [yems]
Skorn: 1190.6dps, 1aps, 339str, 170int, 164CHD, 97.5bleed(6022-10716), 1OS
Skorn: 1245dps, 1aps, 294str, 324int, 188CHD, 97.4bleed(6292-9249), 1OS [Playerzedge]
Skorn: 1356.8dps, 1aps, 293str, 238int, 140CHD, 96.5bleed(5962-10824), 1OS [Wolfz2384]
Skorn: 1218.4dps, 1aps, 339str, 208dex, 104vit, 133CHD, 96.1bleed(5826-9092), 1OS [Wolfz2384]
Warmonger: 1301.8dps, 1.2aps, 174vit, 9IAS, 119CHD, 5.6LS
Vigilance: 1389.5dps, 1.05aps, 165dex, 224vit, 11IAS, 5.7LS, 2.4fear, sanctuary [cant remember]
Warmonger: 1128.9dps, 1.2aps, 131str, 120dex, 338int, 9ias, 5.7LS
Maximus: 1147.1dps, 1.1aps, 15fireSkills, 303str, 12demonDmg, demonSlave, 1OS
Grand Vizier 1104 DPS 177 Dex 309 Int +49% GF +45% MF [Jester]

2H Range:
Manticore: 959.5dps, 1.21aps, 68dex, 275int, 113vit, 10ias, 87CHD, 1OS [pichapie]
Manticore: 966.2dps, 1.21aps, 182int, 10IAS, 1244LaK, 88CHD, 2OS [akraclove]
Manticore: 952.3dps, 1.21aps, 200dex, 105vit, 10IAS, 92CHD, 1OS
Manticore: 989dps, 1.22aps, 86dex, 278int, 11IAS, 80CHD, 2OS
Manticore: 1066.5dps, 1.22aps, 196dex, 149int, 11IAS, 75CHD, 1OS
Manticore: 973.7dps, 1.22aps, 118dex, 184int, 159vit, 11IAS, 70CHD, 1OS [?]
Manticore 929 DPS, 271 Dex, 165 Int, 67 Vit, 1.21 APS, 87% CHD, OS [Jester]
Manticore 998 DPS, 193 Dex, 1.21 APS, 66% CHD, 3.7% Chill on hit, OS [Jester]
Hellrack: 948.9dps, 1.18aps, 47int, 60vit, 7ias, 340LoH, 38.3%Bleed(6175-12001), root, 1OS

Tal Rasha's: 270armor, 90int, 51psnRes, 19GF, 1CC, 7PUR, 3eliteDmg
Tal Rasha's: 495armor, 24str, 129int, 11MF, 1CC, 4eliteDmg [Edwarrior]
Tal Rasha's: 287armor, 178str, 98int, 88vit, 1157thorns, 1CC, 3eliteDmg [Edwarrior]
*Witching Hour: 271armor, 35str, 114int, 49fireRes, 8IAS, 35CHD, 18GF [HKBDG]
*Witching Hour: 274armor, 54str, 135int, 42physRes, 9IAS, 38CHD, 5FrenzyDmg [HKBDG]

Mara's Kaleidoscope: 284str, 197dex, 89int, 89vit, 67AR, 46CHD, -9Hydra [akraclove]
Xephiran Amulet: 47fireRes, 13%life, 40GF, 321regen, 36MF, 14maxFury [?]
Star of Azkaranth: 10maxDmg, 130vit, 924LaK, 4.3stun, 23.5bleed(142-191), 3eliteDmg [yems]
Traveler's Pledge: 144vit, 57arcnRes, 13%life, 309regen, 40MF, 1618thorns

Compass Rose: 86dex, 45psnRes, 188regen, 17MF, 12MS, 14crowdCtrl [TeeTee]
*Litany: 167int, 64AR, 6%life, 181regen, 4.5CC, -7eliteDmg [pichapie]
*Zuni's: 9maxDmg, 57dex, 86int, 71vit, 38physRes, 65AR, 34CHD
Zuni's: 84int, 69AR, 32CHD, 25GF, 177thorns, 1OS
Zuni's: 79str, 85int, 62AR, 34CHD, 11MF, 520thorns [Wolfz2384]
Natalya's: 108str, 85dex, 31int, 48AR, 9IAS, 168regen
Nat's Reflection +12-34 dmg 59 Str 84 Dex 74 Int 8% IAS 196 Reg/sec [Jester]
SoJ: 6arcnDmg, 13maxAP, 20eliteDmg, -5Meteor [?]

Full Gear Set
*Archon Set [Created and donated by yems]
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I've got a good amount of wizard leaning legendaries to give, will add you in game.
Anyone have any items with spectral blade buff? Thanks in advance
Just added a handful of the items JackStraw gave me. There's a lot more to list!

@Nesto: one of the TR sources listed has a 9% blades buff. I don't think any of the unlisted items does, tho.
nice thread, i wanted to give some of the so called trash loots i pick up everyday haha
Added a bunch of items and still got a lot to list ...with even more incoming! :P

@yems, sure thing.
I could really use some help building my wizard further on : / if anyone feels like being a kind donator add me XD
02/02/2013 04:11 PMPosted by Leoinu
I could really use some help building my wizard further on : / if anyone feels like being a kind donator add me XD
You should probably at least request one of the triumvirates for your build.
prepare your stash spaces for i am once again here to knock on your door and fill it to the brim
Hey there, I'm a returning player. Just started playing about a month ago again after the initial launch.

I could use Dead Man's Legacy: 170dex, 172vit, 19ias, 1.3hatredRegen, 9cc, 10elemArrowsDmg
Andariel's Visage: 386armor, 159dex, 47psnRes, 9ias, 181regen, 4.5CC, 12crowdCtrl, 11fireDebuff, 29%psnNova [Luna] for my demon hunter.

I also have a few legendaries I could donate for your cause that I'm either not using anymore or are just sitting around. I'll add you sometime tonight.
Got some more!! Check with you tomorrow.
can i request Lacuni Prowlers: 238armor, 124int, 48vit, 9ias, 13GF, 12MS, 1292thorns [JackStraw]?
Edited by Kitt#1211 on 2/3/2013 11:20 AM PST
@Kitt: I've reserved it for you.
@Kitt again: sorry my hours have been sort of restricted, been a bit busy with RL stuffs. If you want, you can give me a time that is convenient for you and I'll try to log in then to drop off the prowlers.

Finally finished listing 1h weapons, armor, and class-specific items. I was going to do 2h tonight, but got another load from yems that I cataloged instead. I've got a pile 2h weapons and a handful of accessories still to list. :P
Edited by ATGOWTWT#1159 on 2/5/2013 1:13 AM PST
atg, why not skip the usual brims?
Iv been saving alot of starter Legendarys and Rares for ppl in need, please add me if I can be of help.
Hi, I'm a poorman DH getting nowhere... trying my luck by re-rolling a wizard. Currently almost lvl 60. Would really love to have the following:

Storm Crow: 409armor, 8litDmg, 99str, 92dex, 91int, 177vit, 359LoH, 9APoC, 4eliteDmg, 31% fireball [pichapiegal]

Chantodo's Will: 939.4dps, 1.65aps, 175int, 10APoC [JackStraw]

Tal Rasha's: 213.5avgDmg, 197int, 8%life, 229regen, 10cc, 10APoC, 7OrbCC

Zuni's: 449armor, 190int, 65vit, 26arcnRes, 74AR, 15mf, 3OS [JackStraw]

BT Jousting Mail: 445armor, 96str, 91dex, 94int, 90vit, 55arcnRes, 396LoH, 11%life, 19mf, 5PUR [JackStraw]

Gladiator Gauntlets: 461armor, 69int, 203LoH, 7%life, 7.5CC, 11crowdCtrl [Luna]

Lacuni Prowlers: 439armor, 40dex, 39int, 39fireRes, 8ias, 12MS, 1199thorns [JackStraw]

Thank you so much.
@picha: I've sifted out the Sultans and Gavels and most of the Tormentors. I've got 1-2 Sledges (great kiting weapon), a few Tormentors, a few crossbows, and a nice Grandfather. I wish I had a few Maximus and Grand Viziers to offer - both are fantastic items on the enchantress.

@Shroomyman: Legends are fine, but I can't take rares (I might make exceptions for good rings/ammys but I wouldn't be listing them here - just handing them out to people who show up for legends). Of course, you are welcome to make a list of any rares you are holding and I could link to in on the OP.

@hops: nice picks :) I'll reserve them for you.
Edited by ATGOWTWT#1159 on 2/5/2013 8:45 AM PST
would you be in game at around 6pm PST today? I can grab those stuff off you then
I also have stuff to give out to either starting out wiz or needing to upgrade. I'm talking about just turned lvl60 plvl to may be 15 farming mp0-mp4 wizzes.
or any starting out WD's since most of my stuff is intel related.

I wish I could give out my hellfire rings...T_T
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