Diablo® III

Free Player-Donated Legendaries

This is a wonderful service, thank you.

I just recently hit level 60 with DH, my first level 60. Basically anything will work for me then, haha. Here's what I'd like to get! (hopefully doing this right)

Manticore 929 DPS, 271 Dex, 165 Int, 67 Vit, 1.21 APS, 87% CHD, OS [Jester]
Compass Rose: 86dex, 45psnRes, 188regen, 17MF, 12MS, 14crowdCtrl [TeeTee]
Lacuni Prowlers 237 Armor, 9%IAS, 42St, 72Dex, 48 Phy Res, 12%MS, Thorns 997, 3,958 health globe bonus [Jester]
Firewalkers 305 Armor, 169 Dex, 49 Fire Res, 57 AR, 15% MF, 12% MS, 4% Melee dmg reduction [Jester]
BlackThorne's: 741armor, 143str, 136dex, 94int, 97vit, 332LoH, 12%life, 20MF [Dante]
Vile Ward: 627 armor, 173dex,78AR, 11% life, 17%GF, 297regen [hkbdg]
Dead Man's Legacy: 185dex, 183vit, 15IAS, 1.25hatredRegen, 9.5CC, 1.6blind, 5multishotCC [pichapiegal]

I'm typhy#1667, and I'll add you tomorrow (saturday)! thank you!
Hi, i'm a new wizard going to be 60 soon (probably today) and after much reading i've decided to go for an archon build for some decent leveling & farming. I would appreciate it very much if i can get the following:

Andariel's Visage: 389armor, 151int, 73vit, 48psnRes, 8IAS, 178regen, 4.5CC, 8%fireWeakness, 22%psnNova [pichapie]
Warmonger: 1128.9dps, 1.2aps, 131str, 120dex, 338int, 9ias, 5.7LS
Vile Ward: 631 armor, 188int, 74 vit, 40arcaneRes, 78AR, 325regen [hkbdg]
Zuni's: 345armor, 7psnDmg, 124dex, 192int, 64vit, 28arcnRes, 12MS [Wolfz2384]
*Zuni's: 674armor, 95str, 168int, 58vit, 72AR, 3OS [pichapie]

Or any other alternatives you could suggest to me since i have no idea if i am doing this right lol



i realise that most of the items i ask for are already being requested by other players so i just like to make a new list:

*Zuni's: 9maxDmg, 57dex, 86int, 71vit, 38physRes, 65AR, 34CHD (if the other guy doesn't get it)
Zuni's: 84int, 69AR, 32CHD, 25GF, 177thorns, 1OS

*Mempo: 437armor, 188int, 72AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 10crowdCtrl, 1OS [Liquid]
Vile Ward: 631 armor, 188int, 74 vit, 40arcaneRes, 78AR, 325regen [hkbdg]
Zuni's: 345armor, 7psnDmg, 124dex, 192int, 64vit, 28arcnRes, 12MS [Wolfz2384]

Edited by Kira#6634 on 5/11/2013 11:16 PM PDT
Hello mate! Thank you for making this service! I'm a wizard who just played casually with friends before (rarely used the AH, and wasted a lot of money on it), but now struggling to farm inferno (3). I could use any help.

I'm using disintegrate+hydra but thinking of switching to an archon build. If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears. Anyway, I'd very much appreciate it if I can have the following from your list:

StormCrow: 372armor, 7litDmg, 90str, 99dex, 99int, 96vit, 52arcnRes, 435LoH, 10APoC, 4eliteDmg, 35%fireball [returned]
Chantodo's: 1009.1dps, 1.64aps, 186int, 10APoC [?]
Tal Rasha's: 431armor, 78str, 148int, 202vit, 8IAS, 3OS

Any help will be appreciated mate.
@ Typhy I've got the items you requested and more. Have added you, see you in game.

@ATG Hope you've been good. Items have been coming and going, I will post an updated list here soon.
@TkJ, OK, I'll unmark the source and mark the chest for you.

@Balthesar: Lucky you, you were the first to pick that Tals chest. The VW was already requested, and the pox would be your 3rd "*" item (I try not to give more than 2 per player to make sure everyone has a shot at the good stuff). Otherwise, you got the rest of it.

@Death: ^ beat you to the chest. The litany and visage also have prior requests on them, tho the litany guy might not realize he has first dibs at this point (someone else had requested it before him but later on canceled the request). If he doesn't get mack to me in a day or two, I'll let you have it. The mace and ammy are yours, tho, IMO that ammy would be much better for a CM wiz than for an archon.

@Dooster: The chest, shoulders, and ammy have all got prior claims and the hat was taken by someone in game yesterday morning. Boots, gloves, helm, pants, and ring are all yours tho.

Will reply to rest of requests later tonight...
Edited by ATGOWTWT#1159 on 5/12/2013 1:02 PM PDT
Manticore: 989dps, 1.22aps, 86dex, 278int, 11IAS, 80CHD, 2OS

Dead Man's Legacy 191 Str, 177 Dex, 170 Vit, 18% IAS, 1.25 Hatred/sec, 9.5% CHC, +11% dmg Entangling Shot [Jester]

If these are still available my new lvl 60 DH could really use it.


When do you normally play? I saw you get on earlier today but you logged off right as I was about to message you. My wife is really excited about the the set! Hopefully we can catch each other here soon. Thanks again for helping us out!
Jester basically refitted my entire gear set. Went from 20k to 73k DPS as a fresh 60, as well as bringing me to 439 AR. Incredibly helpful, much love :) thanks!
I would like to have these boots for my newly lvl60 wizard :

Ice Climbers: 416armor, 193int, 50fireRes, 77AR, 12%life, 83regen, -9coldDmg, 1OS [Dante]

Also, this is a very good idea, I will definitely give what I can.
@ATGOWTWT going for a hybrid archon :)
Edited by Death#6555 on 5/12/2013 10:12 AM PDT
I should be on all this evening.

Just curious what you prefer, should I let you know if I see you online? Or just wait for you to contact me.

Also I no longer need the gloves or source. Thanks!
I've got IK gloves and IK belt. They're not super great but available to someone who needs them.

Belt: http://i.imgur.com/DZVObEv.jpg
Gloves: http://i.imgur.com/obrrMGF.jpg

I'm on now and will be on for a while. Message me if you're interested! Pangaea#1825
Sorry for the slow response - gotta respect M-day, man.

@BossDog: The class of gear that you need for upgrades is very rarely donated because people could easily sell it for a decent amount of gold. And even if I did get something of that caliber, I'd rather give it to someone who is struggling with inferno rather than to someone who is quite capable. Still, no harm in asking - maybe someone will see your post and chime in.

@Tyhpy: post 1. I've reserved those items for you. Jester and HKBDG are holding the items they donated - I just have the quiver, pants, and ring. post 2. awesome! do you still want the other gear you picked out? And did you get all the items from him that you listed above (I need to know so I can either remove them from the list or un-mark them as reserved).

@Jester: I keep trying to sort out who gets what with this list and then forgetting to put your items in there again. I'll do it this time, I promise! :D

@Kira: Actually, it looks like everything in your first list was unreserved. The 2nd list mempo and int/vit pox both have prior reservations. I'm gonna reserve what items are unreserved from both lists for you and you can just tell me if you don't want an item when we meet up. Also, HKBDG is holding the Vile Ward so you will need to contact him to get it.

@Jayzr: I've reserved all 3 items for you.

@PaleDim: Yes and yes, tho Jester is holding the DML so you will need to contact him to collect it.

@ShuckyDarns: I see I missed you again. Yesterday was pretty busy but I hope to get on in a few minutes for a short time and possibly again later tonight. Wanna start clearing these reserves.

@jeremysam: Sorry, they've got a reservation on them (actually, I think they were already claimed, gonna double check and remove them from list when I log in). It looks like I do have one unreserved pair left you could try to claim.

@Balthesar: removed your claim on the gloves and source. I'll be logging in in a few minutes and hopefully again at some point this evening (EST).

@Pangaea: I've already got a few of both items or I'd just take them and put them on the list. They don't seem to move very fast tho. I'd just brim them if no-one asks for them in a few days.
Hey there, brilliant idea.

I left d3 a year ago (was playing WH) to see that my hard earned stuff was now worth drat. Started a wiz a few days ago, going the melee route. of the 1st page list I could use

Vile Ward: 638armor, 195int, 38arcnRes, 78AR, 309regen, 15MF [Edwarrior]

Any of those with a preference for the 1st one =p
*Mempo: 651armor, 191int, 71AR, 8IAS, 11%life, 1OS [pichapie]
*Mempo: 437armor, 188int, 72AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 10crowdCtrl, 1OS [Liquid]
Mempo: 407armor, 187int, 42coldRes, 74AR, 8IAS, 12%life, 1OS [Liquid]

Any of those
*Witching Hour: 271armor, 35str, 114int, 49fireRes, 8IAS, 35CHD, 18GF [HKBDG]
*Witching Hour: 274armor, 54str, 135int, 42physRes, 9IAS, 38CHD, 5FrenzyDmg [HKBDG]

And THIS, so much this, it's absolutely ideal for my spectral blade wizard
*Chantodo's: 246avgDmg, 172int, 9IAS, 135regen, 14maxAP, 9.5CC, 8SpectralBladesDmg [pichapie]

I realize there s quite of * there, but the source would be SO great.

Thanks for the initiative man, nice stuff.
Tons of respect for all the people in here. I look forward to being able to donate someday. I don't feel the legendaries I find are worth anyones time xD
Hoping to get:
Nat's Reflection +12-34 dmg 59 Str 84 Dex 74 Int 8% IAS 196 Reg/sec [Jester]
Nat's Bloody Footprints 576 Armor 95 Dex 86 Int 72AR 12% MS 6% Dmg red [Jester]

05/13/2013 08:26 AMPosted by ATGOWTWT
@Pangaea: I've already got a few of both items or I'd just take them and put them on the list. They don't seem to move very fast tho. I'd just brim them if no-one asks for them in a few days.

Yeah I figured they wouldn't be highly desired but I wanted to offer them to someone before I brim them. I'll hang onto them until Wednesday night and brim them if no one wants them.
I got a bunch of stuff to donate

That's an image of a lot of my old CM stuff. Would like to ideally donate it as a set to someone in sufficient need.

A few other random pieces:
Mempo - 200 int, 73 AR, 9 IAS, 10% Life
Zuni Marrow - 130 int, 100 vit, 50 phys res, 79 AR
Storm Crow - 3 CC
Zuni Trail - 8% Poison, 155 int, 94 vit, 37 phys res
Triumvirate - 101-276, 6/6/6 added damage, 164 int, 8.5 cc
Lacuni - 3 cc
Tal Allegiance 31 minimum, 6% lightning, 257 int, 95 vit, 63 CD
Witching Hour - 100 str, 98 int, 8 ias, 42 cd
Hey ATG, thanks for updating your list with my stuff. It has changed again due to inflows and outflows, I will try to get the updated list to you soon.

@ Sotrin and PaleDim, i will reserve the items for you. Add me in game when you can.
Hello just started playing d3 again from quitting back in November. Would it be possible to get the mempo and lacuni above? Either would be greatly appreciated.
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