Diablo® III

Free Player-Donated Legendaries

I'm interested in the Strongarm Bracers and Skorn if still available. Thanks!
Hey, kudos for starting something like this, i think it would be even better, if people who have benefited from this return the favour by donating their unwanted legendaries back so that other people can have a boost up the levels :)

that said, im a returning player, attracted back again by PvP and i am having some problems farming gear now.

Could i request for:


Triumvirate: 133avgDmg, 5/6/5elemDmg, 47dex, 230int, 14maxAP, 8.5cc [ChopperTech]

Echoing Fury: 991dps, 1.44aps, 71str, 161int, 55vit, 10.3fear

Thanks a lot!
I am a returning player, only played the first few months and quit in frustration ! M gear is in pretty bad shape
Can I request for without being too greedy:
Dark Mage's Shade: 304armor, 229int, 49vit, 3cc, 5435globes, 10crowdCtrl, -3 hydra
Triumvirate: 133avgDmg, 5/6/5elemDmg, 47dex, 230int, 14maxAP, 8.5cc
Tal Rasha: 667armor, 127int, 54vit, 33arcnRes, 8ias, 3OS [ChopperTech]
Promise of Glory: 397armor, 81dex, 129int, 46vit, 16GF, 14MF, 3.5CC

Thanks a lot
Oh good, I've got takers!

@DemonPrince: Go ahead and pick what you want from the list in the OP.

@Kamaka: the strongarms are claimed, but the skorn is yours.

@SMILE: you got em.

@noirlife: SMILE claimed the trium first, but you've got the rest.

@all: send me requests and I'll deliver whenever we're both online. If I don't run into you over the next day or so, I'll arrange a specific time to meet.
Hey ATGOWTWT, wow thank you for starting the thread.

I just started leveling a Wizard and if possible, would like to ask for the Slorak's Madness wand, that Deathstep donated.

Slorak's Madness: 822.8dps, 1.55aps, 71str, 312int, 11ias, 97chd, 2TwisterCC [Deathstep]

Thanks again, and I'll try to send back some Legendaries if/when I find them :)
Alright, I'll reserve it for you.
Could I get the first Echoing Fury, the Cindercoat, the Traveller's Pledge, The Heirophant's Seal, and the last Stormcrow?

Thanks man. That'll be a serious upgrade to what I'm working with.
Edited by Demonprince#1803 on 2/13/2013 12:02 AM PST
The first EF is spoken for already, but you are welcome to the other gear. I'm surprised you don't want one of the Compass Roses to get the set bonus with Traveler's Pledge.
@sanatorium: I'm very sorry. I forgot but I had already given the walkers and IK helm to someone who requested them in-game a few days ago. I must have gotten sidetracked from updating the list. I DO have another IK helm that I had found and stashed on a barb I was planning on leveling that you are more than welcome to. Its not quite as nice as Chopper's tho - only 97str and 585 armor. I'll keep you on the list for walkers, too, as I seem to find them fairly frequently.
Not a problem. If you're willing to part with the IK helmet, I wouldn't mind it. Could I also get the windforce with -13 level?

I'm usually on from 5pm to about 8-9 pm EST (I'm on the east coast of the US).
The first EF is spoken for already, but you are welcome to the other gear. I'm surprised you don't want one of the Compass Roses to get the set bonus with Traveler's Pledge.

Is the other EF spoken for? I only see a name attached to one of them.

If so, the Burning Axe of Sankis sounds interesting to build a fire-based build around.

Good catch on the Compass Rose. Getting one of those would be optimum.
I've got some sitting in my stash I can give you later if you want to add me in game.

I'll have to confirm but off the top of my head.

Prowlers - 9AS, AR+Armor
Compass Rose
The Oculus wiz OH
Zuni Chest (100+ vit) <- need to confirm I still have this.
Sry for the delayed response. My ISP had a router failure that has left me without internet for the last 30hrs.

@sanatarium: ok, they're yours.

@Demonprince: The other EF is still available. You're welcome to it.

@Richtko: sounds like you've got some great stuff! I'll add you. (AR+armor prowlers? O.O Shiny!)
I have got 1 940 DPS strength based EF, 2 Storm crow, one with + amour one with +9% life and one 970DPS calamity to give away.
Thanks for the gear!

I just went from embarrassing to much less embarrassing!
Hi, thanks a lot for starting a thread like this.
If it is possible, can I have these.

Storm Crow: 372armor, 7litDmg, 90str, 99dex, 99int, 96vit, 52arcnRes, 435LoH, 10APoC, 4eliteDmg, 35% fireball [JackStraw]

Tal Rasha's: 159.5avgDmg, 102str, 194int, 36vit, 9.5cc, 9APoC, 7232Globes, 5ArcaneOrbCC [AgentX]

Duncraig Cross: 80str, 90vit, 37fireRes, 8ias, 648LoH, 14%life, 23.5% bleed(132-150)

Skull Grasp: 32maxDmg, 137str, 7ias, 221LoH, 212armor, -6 firebomb

@Liquid: Great! I'll take em. :)

@Zakrin: Sure.

@Demonprince: YW.
can i have:

Manticore: 1105.6dps: 1.22aps. 136str, 193dex, 11ias, 67CHD, 1OS


Stone of Jordan: 6arcnDmg, 13maxAP, 20eliteDmg, -5 meteor [Wraith]

btw OP. Added ya ingame to pass item. :)
Ton of great items added! Thanks to all the donors keeping this project going strong. :)
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