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Free Player-Donated Legendaries

Storm Crow: 362armor, 7litDmg, 95str, 172dex, 94int, 97vit, 401LoH, 9APoC, 3eliteDmg, 35% fireball

that's the only I item I see that's still available that doesn't have someone elses name next to it

the name next to an item, is the name of the player who donated the item!!
the items underlined are the items that are un-available
@Chaoslotus: The name in square brackets is the name of the donor. If there is no name next to an item then either I forgot who donated it or I donated it myself.

Claimed items are underlined.

The system is a bit confusing but I really wanted to make sure that people know who they have to thank for the legends (even if it isn't important to the donor, it makes me feel better to know they are getting accredited).

You are welcome to that particular hat, but if you'd prefer a different hat, I won't hold you to that one. :P

Edit: ninja'd, lol. Thx Benny, and, since you seem to be on, go ahead and add me - I'm about to log in.
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hey just ttrying to help out, even though im new to all this, i can lend what little knowledge i know and have.

if you know of anyone that would like to do runs with me im more than happy to add them or you can add me aswell, i normally keep legends (when i find them) and give them away aswell
@BroJSimpson: Pick what you want from the list in the OP and post it here so I can reserve it for you.

@Benny: You're welcome to hit me up in-game. I'm running higher MP now that the patch has changed the exp rewards but I'm ok with doing a few low level archon runs now and then.

I made a mistake tonight, btw. I gave you the wrong EF - still have the LS one in my inv. I'll swap it for the one I gave you next time we're both on.
Vile Ward: 626armor, 170str, 73int, 46vit, 56arcnRes, 78AR, 238regen

Lacuni Prowlers: 488armor, 47fireRes, 38AR, 9ias, 12ms, 1353thorns [Richtko]

IK Binding: 325armor, 94str, 37fireRes, 77AR, 14maxRage, 3LS, -5Rend
Looking for anything that can help haven't played since August got a level 60 wizard, but its been a while none of my friends currently play anymore all playing league now. I don't have anything right now but some !@#$ gear i had before so basically anything helps thanks! also been looking at builds since the new patches any links to some decent ones or just info on some would be much appreciated!
@BroJSimpson: I'll reserve them for you.

@maryjane: pick what you'd like from the items listed in the OP and post them here and I'll reserve them for you. The stickied build compendium thread has links to guides for pretty much every viable build discovered - you should check it out.
I was looking and found a few

Dark Mage's Shade
Slorak's Madness

Any would help right now thankss GT is Maryjane#1328
@maryjane: I'm guessing you want the higher dps Trium, right? I've reserved your items. Go ahead and add me (ATGOWTWT#1159) and I'll give them to you whenever I see you on.
Storm Crow: 362armor, 7litDmg, 95str, 172dex, 94int, 97vit, 401LoH, 9APoC, 3eliteDmg, 35% fireball
Triumvirate: 75.5avgDmg, 6/5/5elemDmg, 163int, 15maxAP, 8.5CC, 7APoC [Liquid]
Wizardspike: 972.3dps, 1.66aps, 71AR, 11ias, 10APoC, indestructible, 21%frozenOrb [yems]

I'd like those items, please, I want to play with new 1 hand builds I've thought of, my bnet is Dastaria#1698

and this is Chaos, btw
Edited by Dastaria#1698 on 2/21/2013 1:44 PM PST
@Dastaria: Alright, go ahead and add me and I'll deliver those items the next time I see you on.

@Everyone: Some of the items I'm holding (like the Grand Viziers and Tormentors) are great on followers and useless anywhere else so don't feel greedy about requesting items for you follower, too!

I just got another big donation of legends with some quality items. I hope to catalog it all later tonight.
Thanks for doing this and putting this together. I just stumbled acrossed this thread and will have to see if I can put any of the items to good use!
just stumble into this thread.... my wiz is returning from banishment to take on the archon build
anywho .. let me know how I can enter for the items
I would like this --> Grand Vizier: 1181.3dps, 1aps, 500int, 129vit, 47GF, 44MF [Richtko]
Please and thank you very much
I would greatly appreciate anything. Trying to get back into my wizard. Like harry potter.
Can you reserve the wailing host ring
Gladiator Gauntlets: 472armor, 93int, 203LoH, 7%life, 7.5CC, 12crowdCtrl [JackStraw]
Lacuni Prowlers: 251armor, 35arcnRes, 9ias, 20Mf, 12ms, 1028thorns, 5PUR [yems]
Andariel's Visage: 395armor, 162int, 48psnRes, 9ias, 5%life, 181regen, 4.5CC, 6%fireWeakness, 35%psnNova [yems]
Oculus: 231avgDmg, 86dex, 255int, 10CC, 10APoC, 3eliteDmg, -1Teleport, 4ArcnOrbCC [ChopperTech]

If no one took
TY for doing this :D
Phew! Finally cataloged the new legends. A few of them got snapped up within minutes of being posted. ^^

@radroach84 & TheThunder: pick whatever you want in the OP and post it here and I'll reserve it for you.

@Vitamins: alright, I'll reserve those for you.
can i have this too?
Blackthorne's: 8IAS, 632LoH, 14%life, 26MF, 24.8Bleed(102-103), 1OS [JackStraw]
BlackThorne's: 403armor, 91str, 78AR, 9%life, 14GF, -5RangeDmg, 3OS [JackStraw]
Edited by Vitamins#1528 on 2/22/2013 4:54 AM PST
^Sure, I'll reserve them for you.
what time do you get on Diablo?
How about these?

Tal Rasha's: 199.5avgDmg, 195dex, 190int, 9CC, 10APoC, 4877Globes, 7SpectralBladeDmg [JackStraw]

Echoing Fury: 1188.9dps, 1.45aps, 120str, 158int, 399LoH, 12.1fear [JackStraw]
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