Diablo® III

Free Player-Donated Legendaries

Vile Ward: 607armor, 176str, 76AR, 20GF, 265regen, 2491globe [Liquid]\
Promise of Glory: 283armor, 129str, 14GF, 12MF, 3CC, 829globes [hexxus]
Gladiator Gauntlets: 465armor, 164LoH, 7%life, 24CHD. 7.5CC, 12crowdControl [yems]
making a barb
That reminds me - I need to update this list... :o
Can I have these?

Andariel's Visage: 389armor, 203int, 62vit, 48psnRes, 9IAS, 217regen, 4.5CC, 19%freiWeakness, 37%psnNova [Benny]

BlackThorne's: 8IAS, 632LoH, 14%life, 26MF, 24.8Bleed(102-103), 1OS [JackStraw]

Blackthorne's: 607armor, 79str, 57litRes, 336regen, 12MS, -7eliteDmg [ChopperTech]
please and thank you
Zuni's: 321armor, 8psnDmg, 140int, 47vit, 36physRes, 19GF, 12MS [akraclove]
@Zakrin & QHTran:

Alright, reserved them for you.

New items added, courtesy of akraclove and AgentX
oh can I have the Zuni's masks and amulet as well for my Witch doctor?
woot woot set bonus =D
hi. i just came back to this game from a long hiatus. im trying the cm wiz. can i have some equips to help me start out? thanks.
I had a feeling that zuni gear would go fast...

@Luceum: Sure. Pick out what you want from the OP and post it here. Then add me. I'll reserve whatever you post and give it to you the next time I see you on.
sorry to bother. but what can you reccomend for me. i have no idea of what items to have. i just followed a tutorial video for the equips that i have right now. with a meager budget of 600k. and i came across this thread. hope you can help me.

That's a tough one... If I had a Lacuni Prowlers or Tal Rasha chest in, either would be a great pick. Unfortunately I don't get many of them and they disappear very quickly. The Tasker/Theo gloves are a small improvement but I could prolly do you better with one of the rare pairs I have sitting around. I've also got a few rare rings which might help. The 1000+dps 1.64aps chantodo's (one of akraclove's, I think) would give you more dps, but the .01aps will make a small difference in your attack speed - which could make a huge difference in your performance if you are on the threshold of a breakpoint.

IDK how much money you have left, but try to save it for a chantodo's force. It will make a huge difference with your build! Also, consider using slow time instead of meteor and use the rune that gives you more attack speed.
thanks for the reply. pls reserved those items for me. those will really help me. im gonna save up for the chantodos force as you recommend. again thank you..
Edited by asarles#1946 on 3/11/2014 8:03 AM PDT
Please reserve for me:

Thing of the Deep: 167avgDmg, 275int, 71vit, 106maxMana, 11manaRegen, 8.5CC, 20PUR, 2.2Chill [AgentX]

Depth Diggers: 424armor, 72dex, 194int, 41litRes, 77AR, 22GF, 20MF [akraclove]

@asarles and radroach84: reserved them for you. Add me in game if you haven't already and msg me the next time you see me on.
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can i have some epic boots?!? puhleeez
The Zuni's and BT boots are all claimed, but the Walkers are still available, if you want them.
02/27/2013 10:48 PMPosted by ATGOWTWT
The Zuni's and BT boots are all claimed, but the Walkers are still available, if you want them.

StormCrow: 372armor, 7litDmg, 90str, 99dex, 99int, 96vit, 52arcnRes, 435LoH, 10APoC, 4eliteDmg, 35%fireball [returned]

Is that available? I would love the Walkers if they are available. My gear is pretty garbage right now so hopefully something you have ccan upgrade me. Let me know. Thanks!
Sorry, Abomb, didn't mean to ignore you. You've got dibs on both items. :)

I've got a backlog of donations to add, mostly from AgentX and Yems. I'll be updating the list later.
Reserved for when I get home and can see what I have to offer. Possible int VW can't remember if they sold or not.
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