Diablo® III

Will this Video Card help?

I have a computer with a 3.4Ghz processor & 6GB of RAM (soon 8). I have no problem playing the game with the settings high even with a full 4 person party and 30+ mobs on the screen. The only place I get a loss of fps is when I enter underground sewer like maps like the one where you save the guy in the barrel (cant remember map names). The moment I enter the map and try to move I notice the fps drop from smooth gameplay to choppy, the response time gets noticabley delayed and even opening the chat and typing is delayed.

If I install a 1Gb Video card will it eliminate this problem? I was browsing them online and they range from $15-150+. Is purchasing a cheaper one around $40-60 going to be useless for hardcore playing and overheat and destroy itself in months?

I dont wanna die on HC cause I cant keep my fps up in ONE map.
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The amount of memory a card has is often a very poor indicator of its performance potential, unless you're specifically doing something which is dependant on memory amounts (D3 isn't such a program).

Without knowing what you have and what you're looking at it's hard to say. If your budget allows for it you want something where the second digit is at least a 6, but you definitely don't want to go lower than a 5 for gaming purposes. The second digit is generally a better indication of the performance of a card - the first digit is the series, but each new series tends to only be marginally faster than the previous.

Provided it's well designed, however, regardless of what it costs it should never "overheat and destroy itself." If it does than it's a design or manufacturing issue, not a result of it being underpowered.
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