Diablo® III

Itemization 101

First off, this is only some thoughts on what would improve the items in the game, and give some use to some other items that currently are complete junk not even worth picking up.

I don't pretend on thinking the same as the majority on these thoughts, but I do hope some will agree. Feel free to give your suggestions.

So here goes.

White weapons / armors.

Well since they don't have much of a use past level 1-5, I think these items could be used in crafting recipes but would give you a "mod thats not counted in the 6 max affixes" if the white wand had one prior to using it in the recipe.

Example: Strike Wand would need the same ingredients + a white strike wand. So if you used a superior Strike Wand with +7% attack speed, you would get your base Strike Wand +7% attack speed and its 6 other mods.

Same would work with armors, mojos etc.

Note that it would be even better if you could get sockets on white items for that matter, Crafting a rune sword with a guaranteed socket in it would make a lot of people happy.

Also, something that was nice back in D2 (yeah I know we hate comparing to D2). White items could have "specific skills" as basic mods (remember those +2-3 bone spears white wands necros ?). In other words these should not be considered an affix like it is currently cause they don't give that much of a benefit and are not worth having on most weapons if we lose the chance of getting mods such has +dmg, dmg%, crit dmg and sockets.

Also, these mods at the moment are rather crappy, +15% frenzy dmg, or +15% magic dmg does not make you want to make a specific build for that skill, even with soj + skull grasp + mara + quiver, this is not worth the loses we get for not wearing trifecta or bifecta. They should be pumped up to atleast 30-40% each.

Blue weapons / armors

The same as above, but the weapon would keep either the affix or suffix randomly after being crafted to the "rare" tier. And its a plus since magic items have better affix/suffix than whites in most case (+20% attack speed on some white items is hard to beat)

Yellow weapons / armors.

I'm fine with those most of the time, even though 99% its complete garbage. When you actually find something really worth it, it beats hands down any Legendary items (and thats how it should be). The only thing I would say is, since you put ilevels on items, might as well want to put in a range (floor and cap) for stats depending on the ilevel of the item. Nobody likes to get a titan sword with a +20 STR mod on it and 300 life after each kills, having a range of 20 - 600 is a bit overkill. Maybe a 200 - 600 on 2 handers, and a 100 - 300 on one handers for ilvl 63 items and go down from those for lower ilvls....

Legendary weapons / armors

Still nothing done about these since the "revamp" of some uniques. Quite honestly, unless you are really lucky on your roll, its good for salvaging.

The gap is way too big stats wise when it comes to legendaries. Remember how it used to be ?

You could get a legendary with pretty much always the same stats with a little variation, Like 150%ed - 200%ed. Or 1 socket - 2 sockets.

Now when you get a legendary item, it can be a 800 Dps one with 150 INT on it and a socket, and the one that drops after that has 1200 dps, 150 STR, 95% crit dmg and a socket...

Also, maybe I am the only one missing these but... can we have decent low-mid level gear that you can wear at level 60 as well, ok leoric's signet is nice. But most of the times you won't want to wear something like asheara at lvl 60, while in D2, you did not mind weapon chance guards or frostburns at lvl 80+. Some items we're just eternal.


Whats the thing with "Bind on account" items ? This is not WoW, these should not even exist in Diablo... Why do you want to spend hours farming ubers etc. To get some crap rings that you can't get anything out of it ? Diablo was always about making a profit from your gear, or trading them for another version of that item (Annihilus charm, torches anyone ?).

Lastly, I might be the only one being pissed about this but... why? oh god why? is "unique equiped" in the game ? Again this is not WoW with "main hand" "off hand" mods on weapons....
I know a unique (legendary) is supposed to be "unique", but not being able to wear 2 of the same ring, or 2 of the same xbow, swords etc. is very frustrating when trying to make new builds.

If someone wanted to make an "Elite Killer" build, he would love to be able to wear 2 sojs etc.

Anyways, thats it for tonight, I need some sleep.
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This is not Diablolic, this is Diablo 3 - a continuation of the Diablo series. So that is why we get some of the so called "there for no reason" stuff.


Lap Chi
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Well... +1 just because you are addressing the biggest problem with this game.

Thats pretty much all I have to say about that.
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