Diablo® III

Should I sacrifice Attk Speed for Crit Chance

Base Stats

Strength 2374
Attacks per Second 2.3843
Main-Hand 2.274
Off-Hand 2.4945
Attack Speed 35%
Bonus Damage 0 - 0
Crit Chance 57%
Crit Damage + 531%
Resulting DPS 183921.41

These are my stats with my good rings on. What do I need to do to increase my DPS.
Strength, Crit Damage or what.
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If you dont go lower than 2,25 you're okay.
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Your strength is on the low side and in my opinion you I think your CH is slightly low. You at a point basically where its gonna start to cost a lot. YOu gonna have to get gear with the offensive stats as well as higher strength.

Second, your have prioritized All res to high. Although cool 600+ is more than enough to handle MP10 with ww barb. I might swap out rings for average damage, More Crit, and high strength and ditch the AS.

If you look at my build you can see where I have stacked my AS. My main hand still breaks the 2.50 threshhold and my oh hits the 2.86 threshold. Dont take offense to this, but the problem with your jewelry is you got suckered by AS. In my opinion its better to get high Crit hit, cd, and Prim stat, and Avg versus...........no prim stat, no avg dmg, AS, CD, CD. You will have to redo your jewelry eventually if you want to increase much further. I have the same AS +35 you do, just on different gear, and focused my rings with more damage related stats. I cant see you doing it while keeping the all res.

A witching hour though will shoot your DPS up and additional 25 to 30k though with out making any adjustments. Just make sure to get an all Res One.
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Strength 2784
Attacks per Second 2.31
Main-Hand 2.16
Off-Hand 2.46
Attack Speed 35%
Bonus Damage 59 - 117
Crit Chance 59%
Crit Damage + 567%
Resulting DPS 254610.16

@Big Baller, these are your stats and your right.

The extra 300 str alone would change my DPS, but the crit damage is only 30% different.
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how much did u spent? and ur gearing setup is pretty wrong though.
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Well tell me what I need then??

As I said, I can stand toe to toe with Diablo on MP10,

My original question is what I need to change???

Do I need more strength?? Less Attack speed and less Resist??
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