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New Zdog WD needs a once over

I just put some gear on him tonight and he is nowhere near done, but i could use a little direction. Do you guys think i should have gone with blackthornes pants? I got these rare pants because of the sweet armor and AR which i wouldnt get with blk thornes. Also did i make a mistake by going with ice climbers over zuni trails? I thought the 12% life with socket was to much to pass up for 8% poison dmg. Let me know what u guys think and i appreciate all input.

The str lacuni are barrowed from my barb :)
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Also what EHP should i be aiming for and what dps should a really good Zdog build have? Right now my EHP is only 330.5k compared to the over 2m i had with my barb and my dps is around 72k if i remember correctly. Thanks in advance.
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I think EHP is different for Odog. You can effectively stack vit cause of the high sustain. I am new to build myself but I have found high vit and more aps is the key to farming higher mps.
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Is there any sense in trying to get more than 2 attacks per sec?
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Maybe I missed it but i see no pick up radius or extra health globe bonus.
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yea, you definitely need a lot of +extra health globe bonuses as well. One piece of pick-up should do.

I currently have my Zdog gear on if you want to take a look. I don't have the best gear but I can manage high MP farming. I need to upgrade my ias when I can.
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Ok, i made some changes i just cant figure out where to put pickup radius...any ideas?
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do we still need LS weps for high mp in the coming patch? i am new to 0dog build.. so i kinda wonder whether the 20k+globe heal/s enough with the nerf of RD pack.

and you know, a good lifesteal wep is stupidly expensive.
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I got 7 radius and 11k health globe on Witching Hour. That is all i use and can stay alive on mp10 with 51k hp
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