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MP10: CM 3.33+can post your build. advice?

I'd like to see y'all test multipliers 3.34 vs 2.73 with some CD. Sure LOH and lockdown is fantasstic but if multi goes through floor in addition to already running crippling DPS/EHP unless your name is Charlatan it's just not worth it.
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Thanks for your input. I have your profile bookmarked for ideas. Tired of the same stuff every day so I'm just trying to push the limits with this game.

With my ice climbers on for 3.35 my CC is pretty bad 46% or so but your spot on about the heath pool.
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Yup and try running it again with Evocation. To test this build, you must test it with the passives you would use towards the end. So don't worry about compensating dps first. With evocation, it does make a difference with the freeze and that in turn affects the damage you take.

Let's put it this way, you'll take longer to kill them but you die less and therefore hopefully take a shorter time (with less repair costs) ^^

Also transitioning from a Nat's, you need to have some casting discipline until you get your CC up. It makes a big difference because you can cast fast and if you keep spamming and not getting your returns because CC is low, it's gonna affect your pool and that would again affect your freezing yada yada.

@fatalxeption: I nowhere competent on theory testing lol but yes, I would be interested too. The problem is the 2 subjects would be different because the basic set-up in some gear would be different and so would dps. I guess one could just use an OS wand with the exact same gear just to do a comparative study but it doesn't quite work. I am at 3.38 APS and if I swap to a 1.65 OS wand, I am at 3.12 APS. So I have to drop the inna's for something else.
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Well it's reality simple.

Download playclaw free recording software

record yourself killing gohm (press f12 to record) play back.

Note time it takes to kill him

He has 138.5m HP in mp 10

So 138.5m/ your time/unbuffed sheet dps is multiplier.

I've done this build since 1.0.3 and never seen 6.69x so i dont know whats going on. We need shand in here with his maths prolly

Every IAS breakpoint i go up my multi falls by ~.7-1.0
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yeah Shand, Tekk, Lor would be way better at this. I recalled something about inverse proportion of SA against IAS and this was the thread where they also talked about SA.

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Hey Charlatan/anyone,

Decided to make my 3.33+ gear setup my main set up. Moved some stuff around on the AH to make it happen.

My biggest problem right now is my "low" CC. You see something on me that I should focus on first? I think I can only muster around 200 million gold ATM.

P.S. Ignore my rune/passive choices. Just trying how everything works together.

edit: My guess is on the rings. Hope high CC rings don't cost too much.
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Hola Chopain

Yes CC is an issue. You need to try to boost it; pretty much any slot you can. Not sure if you're running pinpoint, but you should until you get some more CC. If Tris are out of budget, try some with CC and IAS with AR or stats thrown in.

HP is abit low for my liking. But that's your call. If you have to, socket some purple gems instead until you get that up. I've done that before =P Dps doesn't work when dead.

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I'm thinking of going back to a nats ring. Maybe one with CD. Charlatan is there a reason you don't use the Nats bouns?
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