Diablo® III

200k unbuffed monks?

gonna be hard for me because im going for bs=wkl combo dual life steal and a litany (non owe)

I could get bout 11k dps from perfect nats ring 6k dps from wkl another 3k dps for new gem in offhand

but if I reach 180-199 dps does that count
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I'm around 250K unbuffed, more or less depending on specific items i wear. Could easily get higher DPS with IAS gear - but that gear always seems to sacrifice survivability. I could use more res, armor and life, but that usually comes at a DPS sacrifice. I have not tried, but i doubt i could solo ubers at much more than mp8 or 9. Hard for a monk to become an all around, high damage player like a barb. Although monks do make good team players at mp10 uber runs.

Now that I am wearing marquise gems in my weapons, it makes it very expensive to compare new weapons, so doubt I will doing much of that. Still hope to craft a better bracer and there is always the hope of crafting an amazing HF. Other than that, not sure what else I can do.
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I recently lost my 200K unbuffed membership, but I'm feeling fine. That's all folks.
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look at meh :D http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/kjetol-2541/hero/4989232
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02/20/2013 05:17 AMPosted by Fitz
I am pretty certain that Talys just logs out with that gear and DOES NOT play with 0 sustain. His/her youtube page confirms this. The only non-sustain gameplay I see are bosses.

This is untrue, I added him on friends the other day and he told me he's uploaded mp5 and above games with no sustain equipped at all.

Should also add he said he was putting up an MP10 video with no LS/LOH on too
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200k dps wahaha...
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200k dps is bs
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Everything is good to me!
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just joined. holla.
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just joined too :D
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im at 235k unbuffed and im not a pargon lvl 100 or anywere close to it. its not hard if u have 10-20 bill to get close or more then 300k dps. but then agein why do I wana spend 2 bill more on a item I already spent a bill on? theres always better but your gona break the bank before ur at 300k. for me to get to 250k was about 6 bill or more. just trying to find the right gears costs some in the beggining
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285k unbuffed but I quit playing after some loop blizzard updater i cant get past but 285k unbuffed with wkl so im over 300k
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Thread is two months old guys lol.

But OP did end up making a sick monk :)
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I dont care that the thread is old. Damn it, I worked hard for my stats.

227K DPS
740 Resist All w/ Duel LS


-Carrig O'Dailach
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I'm nearly 250k DPS Monk with out the use of attack speed boosting items, took a hell of a longtime to achieve this but it can be done.. I'm not against those items, they are just way too pricey for my budget..Without the EF, I'm at 225k. With a shield equipped 183K
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Unbuffed 280k with EF and unbuffed 260k with two swords. All my gears were upgraded by game gold. But those all game golds were obtained by selling my self-found gears. Since the game released last year May, I didn't spend any real cash for this game (nothing penny). I proud to myself!

You can see I killed over 44k elites, because of I played the game very early. I remember the early game version, all elites were pretty powerful on inferno level. They could kill you only one hit. I did try to break through the game on Act 2, 3, 4 inferno level over 3 months. I think many game players, they played this game almost started on 1.05 D3 version. Therefore, they don't know how hard before the D3 version.The elites became weak and then character became strong. Therefore, the elites they killed not much more than I was. The game is becoming more easier than before now.

However, I'm still keeping to upgrade my monk until I complete goal of the paragon 100.
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I've JUST hit 200k unbuffed, thanks to crafted items :)
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After so long, I'm still not entirely sure what makes a good 'solid' monk in terms of ehp and dps haha. Some ppl with combi strike still see themselves as unbuffed. Are they?
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On that same note, am I considered 200 k dps unbuffed??? Lol
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