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AH lag is strange

I am not sure if I am the victim of confirmation bias.

I sell stuff in AH by this method: I set a high bid = buyout for an item. After some hours/half a day I cancel any of the remaining auctions, and then post them again with half the bid and buyout. And so and so. Eventually an item will either sell or reach bellow 100k, at that point I prefer to vendor it.

As you know many people are reporting serious AH lag and issues in the last two weeks. What I find it strange is that most of the items I post and cancel and post do not have LAG issues. But a small percentage of the items I put in AH always have issues. I started annotating their names. Whenever I cancel some boots, I can expect the cancel procedure to take long before the item is added to the finished tab. Then the same item will take a long time to be sent back to the stash. Finally, putting the item up in the AH will take very long. Actually, they appear in the auction list with a label that says "authorizing", bid and buyout are not visible for a while.

Lately, I first cancel all the items. Then post only the items that didn't take too long to cancel first. None of those items have any delay when moving to the stash and when getting added back to the AH. Then I go back to the (currently 3) bugged items, and as predicted, issues and issues and long waits.

Could it be that some items are getting flagged for some reason?
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I've seen a mixed bag of responses/lags from the AH. I've seen what you are talking about.

I've also seen it work super fast and in between (ie takes a while to cancel and send to stash but posting picks right back up as normal).

I'm kind of like you. I will list something and if it doesn't have any traction in a few hours I cancel and readjust the pricing on it to try and get it to move. I've had some items seem to be slow 2-3 times and then the 4th time on it moves fast. Almost feels like it is delayed in network traffic obtaining information from the master server or from a replicated database or delay in replicating the transaction to another database. (sorry I'm a Senior database administrator and the lag issues I am seeing seem fairly consistent with performance issues with a database and/or networking combination. I lean more toward a combination of both ads I think botters or folks running autoit scripts are flooding the AH with transactions.

Almost wonder if you have items being sold that meet certain common search criteria and if there are bots or people using auto-it scripts it might end up having a "lock" on your actual item causing some of these delays.

I've found some items which are a little more particular don't seem to have the same issues as items which tend to have lower bid/bin sell values. Example is things I have for 50m+ don't tend to have as much issue (unless it is jewelry) as items in the 2-5m range.

my feeling is botters and/or autoit script runners are running hot and heavy at times. This can also be seen many times if you go search for your own items like Nat boots or inna pants or IK Gloves etc. You may often see "expired" entries in there more so than it used to. Almost like things haven't been updated in a timely manner.

This is further evident with sellers/buyers saying they don't see their gold to send to stash or items showing up in their completed area for some time.
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I use buyout only for all my auctions and never had a problem with immediate payment. My auctions and completed tab can be slow to show. The major problem I have is with a few items it has been impossible to create auctions for.The requests time out.
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