Why not have the blacksmith a chance to RANDOMLY reforge your weapon or armor,

As in a random stat, possibly dps, possible crit, possible a chance to loss that most valuable...Monster takes x damage when striking, and reroll it into a different stat. I think this would be best done, with only one chance on this, as in the billionaires would have to much cash to re-roll on said item.

Maybe the cost of 100 tombs(give them some more incentive), A certain type or amount of gem, or even gold (I.E only 90 tombs? Then add 10 percent of what the gold would cost. Or gem x this many, (You get the picture)

Anyway, anybody have any thoughts, improvements? Just a wing when thinking what could make d3 a better game, possibly a tiny stary, Would love to hear more ideas tossed around.