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where to go from here (gear wise)

I dont really know what to upgrade next. I have approx 20m gold and dont know what to spend it on. Ive had the same gear set for a very very long time. And advice, maybe spec change or tweek. Appreceate any advice. Thanks
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You need movement speed and AS. which you basically have 3 choices Inna's, Lacuni's, or Boots for movement speed.

If your long term goal is to have lacunis the cheapest option is lacunis with inna's standard boots.

If you do not plant to use a WH in the future you could buy a IK waist, sell the lamenation and buy a much better rare for gloves and still keep your 60 AR.
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yea< ive been trying to find more attack speed. I use a cheap pair of lacunis and movement boots when i xp farm mp2. I may try ditchin lam as i have a decent ik belt in my inventory. so looks like gloves should be my focus
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You only have 28k life. Yet you have a lot of additional life%, that's never a good sign. Get more vitality, you need it badly.

Get more vit on your pants and your shoulders. These pieces are super important for vitality (along with chest) so you need to find a better balance here. Another alternative is to flip your strength gems to vit gems and see what that does, it should rise fairly dramatically. Likewise try getting at least some vit on your boots. There's not a lot of point in having ice climbers if you're not going to be stacking at least some vit there. IK belt is another good place to get some vit and I wouldn't go with Inna's (at least until you fix your other vit issues) since it's only going to further exacerbate your vitality issues.


Oh I should mention that I do agree with the MS and IAS comment, you're going to need at least 24%MS and 9/9/9/8 slots of IAS in order to hit the 2.5/2.5 breakpoint.
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Wow you're extremely low on cc and health, u can add me up and I can help. Btw dont get innas pants cause you're not ready, it suicide. Better put all puzzle pieces together before taking any action on spending
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