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Killing An Elite Pack Takes Too Long !!!

Hi All Pro's,

I would like to know where and what can I improve so that the elite kills become faster for me on MP5

Here's my build and gears

I feel that my gears are decent enough for MP5, and even I don’t find any other issues in MP5 except killing an elite pack...which takes too long... roughly may be 2 mins or so for just one elite pack.

If by any chance I encounter 2 elite packs... then may be some 5 mins to kill them on an average, this is making the fun turn out into frustration.

I also do have Immortal King's Belt which I swap from my current one depending upon my requirements and what run I am doing.

What and where can I improve?

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get about another 20k dps and you will seea big change, also drop warcry and run rend.. its my only suggestion outside of midly better gear.
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I would recommend a soj, but your dps is a bit low to make it effective.

You're sitting at 515k tdps fully buffed, you want 1.2-1.5 million tdps vs elites to make mp5 somewhat efficient.

For ways to increase your dps with ww+sprint, take a look at Phat's guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593621248

Key components you want to improve upon:

-Attack speed breakpoints. WW and sprint do not scale directly with your attack speed, but instead gain additional ticks of damage per second at fixed intervals.

You'll have to do some calculations because of this, as all attack speed in between these breakpoints is wasted.

Each breakpoint also adds 20% weapon damage to your ww and sprint, which is not reflected on your character sheet, hence the usage of the term "tdps" specifically for ww barbs.

-Higher base damage. Your strength is good, but average damage on your mainhand is very low, typically why echoing fury is used in the offhand, with the exception of top tier setups.

-Moar crit damage, around 400 with passives, the more the better of course.
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