Diablo® III

TIred of WWx2 build ...

and i wish to try something else.

In D2, I was a DS/frenzy barb. For those of you who don't know what that entails, it means i focused on having more lifesteal and life than the mobs have damage for with minimal defense to keep me from getting one shot.

I wish to know if this is do-able. If so, what are it's limits. If not, why not?

Also, here is a sample build of what I am looking at, skill wise: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#aWiRkP!ZdX!bcbcbZ

I would also like to know if there are any Ancients builds that work well.
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This is what I usually run with on MP 8-10 with no real issues. Rend + bloodlust gives crazy healing. Thrive on chaos rune with WOTB and Into the Fray rune for Battle Rage are pretty key. I take weapon master for 10% crit, because Skorn weapon, even one for like 500k gold, will be better than the sword you have on.
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I use the same above build, but I prefer Bash-Punish instead of Frenzy. The slot that War Cry occupies is your 6th utility slot, and the good options to pick for that slot include War Cry-Impunity, Overpower (Killing Speed or Crushing Advance), Sprint (Marathon or Run Like the Wind) or another fun skill you'd like to try a run with.

Leap or Ground Stomp when Ubering, and Furious Charge-Merciless Assault adds a lot of simultaneous AOE damage when coupled with Rend. Fun to try different 6th slot skills to keep things interesting, but I'd say OP:KS or Sprint:Marathon is one of the better picks for efficiency.
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@Doomherald: I am not looking to use my sword for this build. Though i like my GF, 2h is not what I'm planning on using.

Speed and mobility is not an issue for me, when it comes to running around I do not need to be 99 m.p.h.

I realize also that when i said 'ancients' i forgot to specify 'Call of the Ancients' and not Hammer of the Ancients. My apologies for the confusion.
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bump for curiositie's sake
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