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item disappeared from gold auction house.

Hey guys, i just read some of the forum posts here and there seems to be a similar problem with a few people..

i put up a storm crow with 5% crit chance and it disappeared. it expired and it is not in the auctions tab nor the completed tab....

pretty ridiculous because i know for a fact that i posted it up and i did nothing wrong. just the AH being screwy or battle net trying to screw me.....
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Same here. Had my IK chest and a belt disappear
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01/31/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Omrakos
I'd expect anything you find "wonky" with the AH right now is related to the recent issues we've been experiencing. Once they've resolved those, I'd also expect it'll all settle back into normalcy.

01/31/2013 08:10 PMPosted by Omrakos
Through all these issues though, I've not seen a single case of someone actually losing any gold or items. They're just taking longer to arrive than what people have come to expect.

Read the sticky:

"Choose from a list of pre-defined topics", "I have an issue with a purchase or payment.",
Gold Auction House: "My purchase or payment issue is not listed here."
Real Money Auction House: "I have an issue with a Real Money Auction House purchase."

If the ticket team tries to send you anywhere else for support on auction house issues, ask them to escalate your ticket to the appropriate team.
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Can't even submit a ticket!!! Just lost a wand!
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Tried that too, told me to come back here. Just lost a legendary fist weapon :(
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This must be handled by customer support, but it's become clear that the bottom-level ticket team is not trained to handle AH issues. According to Omrakos, a blue in the Technical Support forum, you need to request that your ticket be escalated to the appropriate team. The ticket team should do this themselves without you having to ask, but most of them apparently haven't been trained to do that. Blizzard has probably hired on quite a few new people to handle all the additional problems Diablo III has caused, and they haven't had time to learn everything necessary to do their jobs yet.
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I was following a witching hour belt with really good stats. I used alarm clock to be present during the auction closing time so i could make my last bid, but it was not anymore in the "auctions" tab...It was not bought out because that auction had no Buyout..

Why does this happen? it is not fair..I bid on the item so I could follow it without having to search for it!!! Even if i search it does not appear in the search...It did simply vanished from the AH?
What happened?

In the completed tab I can see the regist of the outbid time of that item..where i can read the order ID then i pass the mouse cursor over the "transaction" column (in this case its the word "outbid")

Can AnyOne tell me what happened?
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