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Ruby or Emerald?

I did some testing last night on mp 10 ghom and from my experience and personal gear set up, the 100% crit dmg gem produces more effective dps then the 120min and 120max dmg ruby gem. Havent been able to get my hands on marquis plans since the most recent update and considering the difference between 150min/max and 120min/max is greater then the linear increase seen from 100%-110% crit dmg, which do you guys believe is better for socketed chants wands on a cm wiz??? Emerald scales better with cc and ruby scales better with attack speed, lol cm wizards focus on both, so which ones will you guys go with?
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We're starved for CD to match with our CC generally; I can't imagine ruby is the answer for a CM wizard.

It will rock and roll, however, for archon on a socketed black weapon.
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02/01/2013 08:15 AMPosted by AndyJChu
which do you guys believe is better for socketed chants wands on a cm wiz???

Someone made some really cool charts to show the breakpoints. Some monk named Davlok? Low crit damage total %, emerald in weapon is better. I'm sure the links are still floating around in the PTR feedback forum.
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I'll keep my emerald. I would lose 9860 dps from switching to Ruby, and I don't even have a lot of crit in my Archon build (36.5% buffed with scoundrel) but have 210% CD with emerald. Even if ruby were like 2k dps upgrade I'd keep the emerald because I can probably get more dps from spending the money elsewhere.
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Unless something changes Emeralds will remain as the top gem for high dps users as to get high dps to start with you need Ias, Cc, Cd. This only makes more CD more benificial.

So the people with lower dps who cant afford upgrades will get the most from a Ruby...... except they can't afford one.

I love Blizz!~
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before fix,,ruby > emerald. Now emerald > ruby
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Radiant Emerald -> Marquise Emerald = 4k DPS
Radiant Emerald -> Marquise Ruby = 1.5k DPS

It's almost the same, but the Emerald is still best, and I have 357% Crit damage on my CM.
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