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Will Diablo3 Survive until the Expansion??


depends what you mean by "dead" TBH. Given that the expansion will be at least 1 year away (probably 2), I think that Blizz may keep, maybe, 100k people playing (including multiboxing and bots)....but in relation to millions of units sold, that is an abysmally low figure.
Of course it will, unless you ask the trolls! :)
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It will be here, smaller player base ofc. SOme players have spent money in this game, Some players have earned money in this game. WHen money is involved with the players, they tend to stick around. Thats just the way it is. Some peeps have cashed out and they probably wont be back, and some of those same folks might come back and respend there money back on it again if it gets fixed. The long termers that stay till the end though usually make out the best in terms of items. They have alot of work to do on this game, im just collecting items in hopes that one day theyll be rare and godly. Remember the value of old d2 08 items Valor, Valkyrie and stuff like that. It could happen.

Eh, honestly the items currently in D3 are mundane at best. If they want to make the game better then it currently is, itemization is one of the top priorities. 1 of the problems with itemization currently is the "best" items all have main stat, vit, ar, cd, cc, ias on them, like I said real mundane.

There is no way the current items would go up in price if they where going to fix the game and bring in a higher lvl of character customization, and new items to achieve that.

Man i hate to admit this but there is less and less items in the auction house then there was before and more and more of my d3 friends are leaving diablo 3 :( but i still have a few here and there left, friends i have for over 10 years now. We all are veterans of d2 hoping d3 will reach its potential.

Just as your friends are leaving, it's probably the reason they don't allow you to see the number of users online...because only us masochists are left.

The ability to see the online population was set to be included in 1.07. Did they take that out? It so, I completely agree with you.
The streamers that gave this game the most attention have started to move to PoE, which isn't a good sign. Anyone who uses the auction house regularly has probably also noticed that it has slowed down significantly. I think there's probably a group of people who are waiting for 1.07 to go live before they come back, which probably explains part of that, but I also think there's a good number of people who quit before or after hitting PL100. I'm sure more will continue to quit after PL100 becomes "easier" to achieve with 1.07, because dueling will get boring fast and most people don't care to endlessly farm.
I can't see myself buying an expansion if all it does is add back some of the things that were removed, adds an act or two, adds some new classes, but fails to address the underlying core systems which bottomline, plays a key role in the rewards aspect of the game when it comes to loot.

Like you, I have or should I say, had hope. But I've kind of reached a level of indifference. At this point, I'm just going along for the ride since I already paid for this game. Good or bad, Diablo III is what it is and the ball is basically on Blizzard's side of the court in terms of proving (not by rhetoric but by game play experience) they want to make this version of the game the best in the franchise.

Amazing post. I couldn't agree more
02/01/2013 09:32 AMPosted by NeLLy
Will Diablo 3 Survive until the Expansion Pack??

How could it not survive?

The forums get a lot of hate but the game and forums are incredibly active.
There is no sign of Diablo 3 becoming a ghost town.
We have people who 'quit' 5 months ago and still support the game through it's forums.

The issues make people angry but they keep coming back.
All the signs are showing that we may be angry, but we haven't stopped caring.

If we reach a point where we have almost no posts on issues like AH glitches, duping, botting, patch deadlines, and maintenance....then I'd begin to worry.

As of today, it would really surprise me if the expansion failed to sell 1.5 million copies within the first 3 months.
02/01/2013 05:30 PMPosted by babinro
As of today, it would really surprise me if the expansion failed to sell 1.5 million copies within the first 3 months.

Compared to the initial release though that would be considered a pretty major failure.
what do you mean by survive? players still playing the game no matter how minimal by the time the expansion comes?

or survive meaning the game relevant enough for Blizzard to create an expansion?

anyway.. i'm thinking no matter what, even if D3 players drop to zero, Blizzard will still continue with the expansion. People will still buy it. AFAIK, expansions are half the price of the original content too. Expansion for.. $35? Why not.
First step to growing and fixing this game and community is LOWER the price! It's still $60 that's crazy! Sadly I don't think there will be an expansion, ever. I love this game and would love to see one but with all the new ARPG's (that are not $60 even on launch) coming along I feel like it would take something HUGH to get people back into D3. Heck I can't even get my friends into D3 with the $60 price point and the amazing amount of bad press to be found about it.
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I think the expansion will be a huge flop unless they completely overhauled the game back to it's Diablo 2 roots.
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D3 will "survive"?

It sold more copies than any other game, remember? Huge potential base of x-pack buyers. Plus Blizz has some egg on its face from the on-going issues. Huge incentive for them to fix it.

It sold more copies due to Diablo 2 hype, not because it was a good game. We'll see exactly how many players get the expansion compared to release, I bet it'll be a fraction of the amount.
Yes diablo 3 will survive until the exp pack. The community is massive, and incredibly active. Just jump on the auction house to get a feel for the magnitude of people involved in playing the game.

Blizzard keep releasing patches that improve the playing experience.

Blizzard will also be scarred by the bad feedback on launch. They are too good a company to let this bring them down. They will mould this game into something incredibly memorable. Far too many talented, smart people at that company to let it fade away.
I agree. I hope D3 is gutted and fixed. I am enjoying PoE though. Its endless fun and complexity.
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From where I sit I don't know. I have been a long time Blizzard fan. But now I don't even know if I will buy the expansion on release day. I may wait a month or 2 and see how people generally feel about it first (regardless of what Blizzard promises for the expansion). Right now I can barely manage to play this game, I just come to the forums to see how things are "progressing" (might play a little after 1.0.7).
I didnt know there was team play and coop modes in d1 and 2. there was no plavce to hang out. the chat room? if u want a chat room (didnt those die in the 90's) then go long onto yahoo.
Given that SC2 died ages ago outside of Korea and it's a 10x better game than D3 (even though it's inferior to SC1/BW) I would have to say yes... even though D3 appeals to the Buy 2 Win crowd more than any other game.
I agree with you. I'm 19 i got all the diablo games. I work full time and when i get home i dont play 3 because it gets boring. and 3 for me is like windows vista, big hype but a flop. i hope in the expansion you will be able to go back to the d2 acts. and will link in with it more. such as old classes are npc's, followers, unlockable classes. and if the butcher could be brought back from the dead why not other enemies?
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