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Will Diablo3 Survive until the Expansion??


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02/02/2013 09:30 AMPosted by Drael
Not if they dont bring back the old listing games system...

I know this is another one of those oft-requested features but it's yet another thing which they won't bring back. They put too much effort into the current matchmaking system for public games. I'd go even further to say that they want control of the "user experience" where players aren't besieged by long listings of public and private games. As shown by the Battle.net mockups, that isn't necessarily true (an elegant solution can be achieved but like anything else, requires putting resources into design, coding, and testing).

But Blizzard also has their own ideas in this area; the social aspects detailed in the SCII Heart of the Swarm video are things they have built into the foundation of Battle.net 2.0. Much of it isn't exposed to the D3 client though and probably won't be until the first expansion (I honestly don't know if they can hold off until then though).

I just wrote up a big reply hit submit and it deleted the post. What I wanted to say is they showed so much content and the game looked great. Itemization was great with crafting helping a lot of the crap items become better with adding sockets and the mystic enchanting. Not to mention she would identify all items. End game looked fun with pvp and boss fights looked like so much fun with bosses being hugh and death animations when you died fighting them. Thats not even mentioning runes, runewords, talismans, charms, and a tree system of some kind for customization. That could be add to the paragon system get a point per level of paragon and put that to a tree to buff skills, passives, and stats would be great. If they would add this to the game before the expansion I would get back into the game and a bunch more people would come back too. I cant tell you how many posts talked about blizzard adding this type of content back into the game. But with 7 patches with little to not much fixed or even talked about for what they took out of the game. Makes me feel like it has a slim to no chance of being put back into the game.
the resolve of d3 is formidable. take for instance the " we are listening to your feedback". it is obvious to me that they working on things to better reflect that they are fan-based.
I wonder if we will get exclusive Diablo III avatars for the forums before an expansion.
So what should Blizzard do according to your post? How are they supposed to "gut out its core and replace it with a Well Constructed Foundation"?
As to me, Diablo 3 lacks a long-term goal, like runes and runewords in Diablo 2. But everything else is fine, there is no need to turn a single player game into a MMORPG.

real easy,

*Give us a way to Build our characters instead of just choosing what skills to use.

*Creat a sense of Community, in my OP there is a url for some great examples of what battle.net can be like.

here is the url of great examples:


*Create more incentive for people to want to party with others and do team play with randoms or friends.

*Open World

These are just some examples, Community and team aspect is vital when it comes to multiplayer games surviving long term. The most important is to always keep in mind "End-Game" aspects of an RPG multiplayer because everyone will beat the game evantually and then i guess "PvP" dueling is one aspect of end-game that evantually at some point or another everyone will be magic finding for items or building characters for.
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Great replies in this thread, strong valid points on both sides of the question.
I also dont Blame Jay Wilson for everything that is missing from diablo 3 but he deserves most of the blame due to being the Director of the team and if you have that job then you must accept being critisized for your decisions because there always will be someone who wont agree or who will agree with the decisions he made.


He should of kept in mind that for any game to survive long term, end-game aspects and Team play and a community atmosphere are desperately needed.
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02/02/2013 01:31 PMPosted by Lucky
I wonder if we will get exclusive Diablo III avatars for the forums before an expansion.


I've kind of given up on this as well. I know we're not paying a monthly subscription so it is understandable that their web development team's priorities are going to be focused elsewhere. When we're hoping to see forum avatars before an expansion though.... something like that should already be standard.
I still play a little diablo. As of now, I have no intention in buying an expansion pack. I just get frustrated playing diablo III and I don´t plan in getting more frustration from the X pack. I agree with you. Well said.
@Marasama, stay persistent and dont give up just yet. You can always make a thread for us to unite for a cause and this cause is for us to be able to recieve some choices in our Diablo 3 Blizzard.com Avatars because seems like when it comes to uniq avatars we have been left out compared to SC2 and WoW...
02/02/2013 01:56 PMPosted by Amonrath
I still play a little diablo. As of now, I have no intention in buying an expansion pack. I just get frustrated playing diablo III and I don´t plan in getting more frustration from the X pack. I agree with you. Well said.

Thank you very much, appriciated acknowledging my post.

How ever, you should atleast give the expansion a try when ever it is released because if you are not familiar with the Lord of Destruction expansion pack and how it breathed a brand new breathe of fresh air in diablo 2 which lead to alot of people joining the community of d2 gamers and there for giving alot of success to D2 and Blizzard.
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I jus feel that the current dev team should jus go spend 1 week playing d2 and then 1 week playing d3 to compare the difference. Instead of creating more stuff which what they thought was fun which was actually nt.Pls do not take us for a ride as we arn't born today. At present the current state of the game seems to be sinking as many players had left due to getting bored with the current limited contents of the game as well as serveral new games that were release. For d3 to survive or nt depends on how they gonna pick up the bits and pieces from the mess they hv created.The dev team hv to change their attitude if u guys want respect u gotta earn it. As a vetaran and fan of the diablo series d1 , d2 , lod i was very dissapointed with the out come of this d3 after such a long wait and we got this. Well currently i guess lots of players are in mixed emotions on whether to continue to play D3 and purchase the next expansion if theres one.
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@Xtasis, i agree if they have never played Diablo 2 (LOD) or if they have then they should be reminded about what made D2 successful
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I'm about to try out Diablo 3 because I'm tired of the "stupid people in large numbers" style of WoW.

I haven't played D3 yet (though I played D2 for many years), so I don't know exactly how "multiplayer" it is, and it may very well need to be more so, but be careful what you wish for - Blizzard might very well interpret "not enough multiplayer" as "I don't want to be able to so much as scratch my own !@# without first finding a 25-man group that meets asinine class/spec/ilvl/time requirements, like in WoW!".

On the other hand, if you DO want a glorified chat room disguised as a game...World of Warcraft is that way.
@HeadShot, you are right about WoW but i dont like the graphics. Imagine Diablo 3 in the Style of World of WarCraft that would be amazing with the graphics diablo 3 has.
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What do you think? **Question** Will Diablo 3 Survive until the Expansion Pack??

Diablo 3 is lacking a sense of community, there is no atmosphere where you can hang out and interact with other random people part of the community of diablo 3. The Team aspect in diablo 3 is almost completely absent from the game if it wasnt for Ubers. Everything you do in the game is repetative and gets very old quick and boring due to the fact that you do it by your self instead of with a team or friends because it seems like its way more efficiant to do it by your self. The only end-game aspect diablo 3 has is going to be "Player vs. Player" and everything you do in the game is ultimately going to lead to you dueling at some point or another. Blizzard can not fix these issues unless they attack the core of diablo 3 and gut out its insides and replace them with a strong foundation that is well constructed around a sense of community, team aspect, actual ability that allows uniq character builds and always keeping in mind that end-game aspects of diablo3 are very important.


Im not sure what you are looking for , afa a place to hang out...aren't games enough?

I don't see games as a social experiment, more a place to coop/talk with friends as you play. That's what the chat dialog is for , as it was in games such as neverwinter nights, and all other arpg's.
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D3 will "survive"?

It sold more copies than any other game, remember? Huge potential base of x-pack buyers. Plus Blizz has some egg on its face from the on-going issues. Huge incentive for them to fix it.

you have a good point.

I strongly disagree. The only reason why its sold most. It because it had a NAME. Everyone was expecting it to be like diablo 1 and 2.

The base for xpack wouldn't matter, Maybe if its cheaper than normal... Give more characters, bring out runewords, heck have a ladder or make something more original.

Will it survive? Of course it will, it has actifail backing it. Does it deserve to survive? Not in my opinion.

This is coming from a long long long time Blizzard enthusiast, i've played Blizz games pretty much non stop my entire life (starting from the Original WC) and moving from there. This is the first time in my life where I can legitimately say I am displeased with Blizzard. I still keep an active sub to WoW so I can keep in touch with my guildies and run the odd LFR but that's about it. Diablo was a huge disapointment not only from a gameplay perspective but also from a consumers perspective, no game should ever be Pay2Win and unfortunately that's all D3 is these days.

What we have to remember is Blizzard is not the same company it was 5-10 years ago, Diablo3 is all the proof you need, I mean look how stripped down BNET is, look how simplistic the design choices were for character progression, I could go on (and I have in the passed) and write up a huge long explanation/opinion on why this game is complete !@#$ but I won't, I will just say that POE has brought new Life into the ARPG genre and I strongly urge anyone who has a loving attachement to the Diablo series as I did to try it out, it fills the void if only momentarily.

As a side note, how the %^-* can a !@#$ty sub minnion kill a legacy character such as Dekard Cain? Not to mention Diablo is a girl... da %^-*?

Again, speaking as a long time blizzard insta buy customer, Diablo3 has completely soured me from any blizzard product for the future.

In my opinion, bring back Blizz North and have them work on the game, you want people to like your game? Bring back the !@#$%^- creators of the franchise who actually understand the fans instead of some doubling dickface who tells us how to play "his" game.

Some may ask why I still stick around being the sour person that I am? 1 word, Hope.

Great post. Totally agree.
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@Johnny, good point
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+1 op
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